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Top 10 Travel Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Sometimes, you need some travel inspiration in your life, and there’s no better place to turn than to Instagram. But with the millions of users and billions of pictures to wade through, it may seem impossible to find a traveler that shares your sense of adventure. If you’ve been yearning for some beautiful vacation pictures to brighten up your feed, check out these top 10 travel bloggers to follow on Instagram!


1. @muradosmann

My favorite one 🙂 ….#followmeto Myanmar with my love @natalyosmann

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With 4.5 million followers and the creators of the hashtag #followmeto, we’re sure that you’ve seen some of Murad Osman’s creative photography before. And if you follow no one else on this list but Mr. Osmann, your life will still be infinitely better for it! Russian-born photographer Murad features stunning photographs of his wife, Nataly, leading him through the world’s most picturesque locales while always dressed perfectly for the occasion. Murad’s account is just as much travel inspiration as it is romantic, so if you’re looking for sheer beauty, look no further!

What Other Countries Think of Americans

After traveling extensively for over a decade and hosting many families from all over the world, we’ve heard our share of gripes and praise regarding Americans. Whether they are stereotypes or things that truly envelop the culture of the United States, we’ve heard it all.  Sometimes their thoughts have enlightened us and made us behave more consciously while visiting other countries and other times we’ve had to struggle to keep from laughing out loud. We decided to compile a list of some of our favorite things we’ve heard from foreigners over the years and what seems to be a common thread among those views. 


Americans are pretty darn popular

When we first started visiting other countries, we were often blown away by how receptive its citizens were to us as Americans. We thought that foreigners hated ‘loud, rude and pretentious Americans.’ But, as a country, we’ve found that we’re generally quite well-loved. The United States offers a plethora of aid during times of crisis all around the world, we boost economies with our tourism and we stand for progressive human rights like marriage and gender equality, and freedom of speech, which makes us pretty admirable among our world peers. As individuals, we also tend to be friendly and generous tippers, adding to our likability.

Why It’s Never the Right Time to Travel

After traveling extensively all over the world, we’ve heard our share of excuses for why people can’t travel as much as they’d like. But, if you make traveling the world a priority in your life, then you’ll find a way to accomplish it. And you should! Traveling has been proven to increase happiness, boost intelligence and add to one’s all-around awesomeness. Life is short, so stop putting off what you so desperately want. Read on for the top 5 excuses of why you think you can’t travel and how we can help you beat those limiting mindsets! 


1. I don’t have the money to travel

We hear this excuse a lot. When people are living paycheck to paycheck, it can be difficult to carve out money for traveling, but where there’s a will, there’s a way! Firstly, traveling isn’t as expensive as people make it out to be. Your trip doesn’t need to be a once-in-a-lifetime, wallet-crushing, luxurious splurge. You can always cut corners on hotels, meals, and transportation. You can get cheap hotels in almost any city if you’re willing to lower your expectations a bit. You can make meals in your hotel instead of eating out every day and you can rent bikes for much cheaper than you can rent a car for a week. Secondly, you could get creative with your traveling. If you’re willing to work or volunteer while you’re abroad, you can get free room and board in another country and only have to pay for your airfare. You could offer house-sitting services for free in exchange for saving money on a hotel. Or, lastly, if you don’t want to cut corners on your vacations, try to think of ways you can save more money throughout your everyday life that you could put towards travel. You could get a small part time job or save a set amount of money every week to fund your next trip. Every little bit counts and you’ll be incredibly proud of yourself when you finally make it to your bucket list destination! 

Stay Clear of These Selfies While on Vacation

In this day and age of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, you can’t go to any tourist destination without witnessing dozens of people posing with their selfie-sticks. Those iconic pictures of you holding up the leaning tower of Pisa or pretending to fall into the Grand Canyon are adorable and I’m sure that all of your followers are thrilled to see them, but what happens when it goes too far? People are making headlines all over the world for taking selfies in insensitive or even dangerous situations, sometimes resulting in their death. To keep our readers safe and on the good side of the law (and people’s feelings,) we’ve compiled a list of times where you’ll want to keep your camera packed away. 


1. Do not take selfies at memorials, cemeteries, holy sites 


Places such as the holocaust memorial, the 9/11 memorial or veteran cemeteries should be absolutely off-limits for selfies. These places are tragic reminders of lives lost and should be respected as such. You can feel free to take pictures of the setting to commemorate your time spent experiencing such a site, but it is more than disrespectful to see a smiling selfie under such sad circumstances. Think of how you’d feel if you saw a bunch of people smiling for a picture by your lost loved one’s name.


2. Do not take selfies with non-domesticated animals 


If you are near a wild animal, especially a large or dangerous one, your thoughts should not be to grab your camera and smile for a picture. Respect wild animals and their unpredictability. In the time that you spend fumbling with your camera and posing for your shot, the animal could be approaching for an attack unbeknownst to you. Many people have been mauled to death because they were taking selfies with dangerous animals in the background. On the flip side, your intrusion into an animal’s life could endanger it and get it killed, so tread carefully when you’re dealing with anything that’s alive. 

The Worst Types of Airline Passengers

Every year, Expedia compiles its famous “Annual Airplane Etiquette Study” where they poll frequent flyers in an attempt to find the worst airline passenger grievances. We would never want our readers to be unruly fellow passengers, so we’re highlighting some of the worst offenders (in no particular order). We also include tips so you won’t have to worry about being one of the most hated people on your next flight.


1.) The Rear Seat Kicker

Crowned as the number one most annoying type of passenger for the third year in a row, rear seat kickers can quickly derail a normal flight and reduce it to a flight from hell. Nothing is worse than trying to catch some shut-eye and continually getting jostled by an inconsiderate passenger behind you. Scathing looks and muttered comments have no effect on this selfish flier. With that said, when you board your next flight, be considerate of others: keep your feet firmly planted on the floor and avoid hitting the seat in front of you if you’d like to avoid the hatred of the passenger in front of you.


2.) Chatty Cathy

Some people love making connections with fellow passengers and cite it as one of the reasons they love to travel. And then there are others who wish to talk as little as possible to complete strangers. If you’re one who likes to chat, that’s fine if you find a fellow conversationalist. But learn to read the room. If a person has their headphones on and is facing the other direction, take a hint and keep the small-talk to a minimum.