Flyertalk Says There Has Never Been Better Mileage Offers

Randy Peterson has a wild head of swept back grey hair and is considered one of America’s foremost experts on frequent flier programs and the whole business of accumulating and using airline miles.  He told the Wall St. Journal last week that right now ‘is one of the richest periods I’ve ever seen in 23 years of following these programs.”

He was talking about how the plunge in business airline travel has spurred an unprecedented new genererosity on the part of airlines to add frequent fliers to that most hallowed place–elite status. Some of the programs include offers of triple mileage to double-elite qualifying miles, plus huge bonuses for international trips.

The perks are so good that some people are taking long intercontinental flights just to qualifiy for the miles, ensuring with a few days of grueling non-stop travel that they will never have to fly coach again.

Tips include registering online for the mileage bonuses and watching for special deals such as the route between Boston and LA where you can garner triple mileage.  Elite fliers get free drinks, board earlier than coach passengers, sit in comfy seats up front, and get much better (and free) meals.  In short, if you have to fly, you WANT to fly in business…go sign up for every program you can and visit to find out the juicy details.