Choose Off Airport Parking When Traveling from the San Diego International Airport

San Diego travelers will be pleased to know that they always have the option of choosing off airport parking as they travel from the San Diego International Airport. Did you know that off airport parking through can save you time and money as you travel? Many fellow San Diego travelers have found off airport parking to be a great convenience. We know you will too!

Travelers are especially pleased to discover that they can often save up to 50% off what it would cost them to park directly at the airport. That’s a big savings to have in your pocket instead of putting towards your trip – savings you can easily put towards more fun for your vacation. San Diego travelers can easily extend their trip or indulge themselves in a fine restaurant or some special activities while on their vacation.

Best of all, off airport parking offers top-quality customer service to every customer. A complimentary airport shuttle will get you directly to your airport terminal quickly and easily. At many off airport parking facilities these shuttles work on-demand, so they will pick you up right as you drive in and park your car. This means you get to the airport the very minute you wish to.

When traveling from the San Diego International Airport, choose from the following off airport parking facilities:

Mission Brewery Airport & Cruise Ship Parking Lot

Aladdin Airport Parking

San Park Pacific Parking Lot

Sheraton Harbor Island Hotel and Marina

Park Shuttle and Fly