Choose Off Airport Parking This Summer When Flying From Minneapolis/St.Paul Intl Airport

If you are flying from Minneapolis/St.Paul International Airport this summer for a vacation or business trip – you’ll want to choose off airport parking to make your travel plans smooth and easy. Did you know that most travelers find that travel time to the airport is one of their biggest challenges? When you choose off airport parking through, you have an easy solution to that great challenge!

Don’t depend on a neighbor who says they’ll drive you to the airport…they could have an emergency at the last minute. Don’t depend on an expensive cab to get you to the airport…it might not even come…or it could come too late! Don’t depend on one of those overcrowded airport shuttle services to get you to the airport. They are always filled to the brim with people, and often are delayed picking up or dropping people off. Don’t leave your summer vacation or business trip to chance or hope….choose off airport parking and know you can count on top-quality service that will get you to the airport on time!

When flying from the Minneapolis/St.Paul International Airport, choose from the following off airport parking facilities:

Park ‘N Fly Outdoor Parking

Team Parking