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Traffic Up at South Florida Airports

It has been reported that the summer tourist season has bought an increase of passengers to airports in the South Florida region. As well as domestic traffic, the airports in question are also popular with holidaymakers from Latin America and elsewhere, which has helped to contribute to the boost in airport traffic despite modest growth elsewhere.

For instance, Fort Lauderdale Airport has reported an increase of around 8%, while Miami International Airport enjoyed a 9% passenger boost over the year so far. Most of this increase has been down to the continuing popularity of the region as a place for vacations.

This increase in airport traffic can have an impact on passengers looking to park their cars when they are due to take a flight; if you are planning to fly out of either FLL or Miami International Airport, it is definitely worth booking and confirming your airport parking in advance to make sure you get a space exactly when you need it.

One popular option for many travelers is to park in one of the off-site parking lots close to either FLL or MIA, depending on which airport they’re flying from. One of the benefits of using an off-airport parking lot is that it can often save money on the cost of airport parking, and the lot operators also offer shuttle services to take travelers from the lot to the relevant airport terminal.

This can help to reduce the possibility of congestion at the airport and also makes sure travelers are guaranteed a space if they book in advance – if traffic is going to continue to boom at South Florida airports, it certainly makes sense for passengers to reserve their space before they fly.

FAA Shutdown Imminent Unless Deal Is Done Quickly

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funding is to expire in little over a week with still no agreement on a long term deal for the institution. Both the House and Senate will be keen to avoid a temporary shutdown similar to the one earlier in the summer which meant aviation taxes went uncollected and tens of thousands of contractors and government employees were temporarily out of work.

One of the main sticking points is the anti labor provision the Republicans want to insert to make unionizing airline workers more difficult. Democrats claim this has been introduced by airlines covertly lobbying for such a move, most notable Delta is one of the alleged.

FAA employees and contractors are rightfully nervous as many of those furloughed last time are still out of pocket .

With the level of criticism both parties could face if another shutdown occurred at a time when unemployment rates are disastrous and the economic growth stifled, it is feasible a deal could be done imminently but time is running our fast.

Hoax Bomb Threat On Board Las Vegas Flight

A man was arrested on Saturday for making an alleged bomb threat whilst onboard a Spirit Airlines flights destined for Las Vegas. The flight continued to McCarran International Airport where the aircraft was searched and passengers evacuated and screened. The threat proved to be a hoax.

Traffic up at BWI Airport

Baltimore-Washington International Airport has reported that its passenger numbers have risen considerably in comparison with statistics for 2010. In 2010, the airport dealt with around 21.9 million passengers, already a significant number. In the first half of 2011, however, the airport reported that around 10.9 million passengers passed through.

This is up more than 5% for the same period a year ago and the airport has said that if trends continue as they are then there is every chance that they could exceed a total of 22.5 million passengers throughout the whole of 2011. This has been good news for businesses based at the airport, which are enjoying a boost to trade due to the rising number of passengers using the airport.

Other changes have been taking place at the airport that are hoped to boost its international business, which will in turn bring in more passengers. This is, of course, all very good news, but one potential issue is the impact that the increased numbers will have on airport parking.

If travelers due to be flying from BWI Airport are worried about the possibility of crowded parking, one option is to make use of an off-site lot close to BWI. There are currently quite a few off-site BWI options available and they often provide a good way to save money on your airport parking, as well as a free shuttle service to take passengers from the parking lot to the airport terminal.

At a time when the airport’s traffic is on the rise, off-site parking could well be a welcome solution for many travelers.

Changes to Parking at Tulsa International Airport

It has been reported that free parking at Tulsa International Airport is due to come to an end very soon. This is the decision of the Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust, who say that the previous policy of offering 30 minutes free parking in the short term lot is due to be altered in the coming weeks. Instead, people looking to park in the Tulsa International Airport short term lot will have to pay $1 for the first 30 minutes followed by $2 an hour after that.

This will come as a blow to people looking to make use of Tulsa Airport parking, and the decision was built into a package of measures that also included the purchase of some new seating for the airport terminal at TUL.

Drivers who previously used the short term free parking option to pick up passengers from the airport are advised to call ahead to passengers before coming to collect them from the baggage claim area. However, this could potentially be inconvenient for some travelers who relied on the free parking to minimize their costs.

One alternative solution would be to make use of one of the off-site parking lots close to TUL. Here, passengers can choose from a range of parking options and can often save money on the cost of their airport parking. They will also be able to benefit from a free shuttle service that will take them from the off-airport parking lot direct to the airport terminal, an option that proves to be convenient for many and could be useful for those inconvenienced by the TUL parking changes.