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Travel Guide For Couples


Traveling with your significant other can become a difficult trek. Traveling with your partner is a whole new ball game and isn’t like going on a couple of dates here and there. There have been many instances that I have had close friends whom I have chosen to travel with where I would never choose to travel with them again, so hopefully this won’t happen with your significant other and this guide can help prevent that.

Why Kids Shouldn’t Be Allowed On Planes

**I do not intend to offend anyone with this article, specifically people with children; I am merely writing this based off of my own and other’s experiences.

Before you freak out, I’m not talking about banning children from planes or not allowing them to travel. Children have just as much of a right to travel as anyone else. I saw most of the world as a child (I was also a very well-mannered child that didn’t kick people’s seats). And in addition to annoying children, there are many other annoying things that come along with traveling- rude flight attendants, neighbors who start snoring on our shoulder, people playing their iPods too loud, people with poor hygiene, etc. It is something we have to deal with when traveling whether we like it or not.

Simple Guide to Airport Baggage Regulations


Know the 3-1-1 rule for Airline Carry-On Baggage

  • 3 ounce or smaller containers of liquid or gel
  • 1 quart size, clear plastic, zip-top bag holding 3 ounce or smaller containers, 1 bag per traveler placed in the security bin.
  • Remember this rule for every flight you can have a smooth transition through security.
  • AirportParkingReservations Tip:  Remember you can never take water through airport security. I always take an empty water bottle and fill it up at my gate.

6 Essentials Every Traveler Should Have on Their Flight

1. A pair of leggings (even if you are a male)

I have worn leggings on every single flight I have ever been on and I’ve never had a bad experience. Since every part of my body bloats when I’m up in the air, leggings become perfect for stretching out and then stretching in again.


When Should You Purchase Your Next Flight


Booking tickets for flights is not the most exciting thing to do, but once you are finished and have your ticket booked at an affordable rate, it can be one of the most satisfying feelings (especially if you travel often). There’s a pattern to booking and purchasing flights that includes keeping in account the season, the time, the flight being domestic or international, and the airline you are booking with. Through some research of other articles and databases, I gathered together how much time people should wait when booking flights and when the best times are to book flights.