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FCC Allows Cell Phone Use On Flights


Hallelujah! We can finally use our phones even more than we already do!

The FCC has allowed phones to be on during plane rides. Long gone are the days where flight attendants hound you to turn off your phones and electronic devices every five minutes before the flight takes off.

It’s Plane and Simple: How to Avoid Catching Colds During Flights

There’s no escape from germs. They’re everywhere, but when you’re on a plane, there’s truly no escape from them because you have no chance to get fresh air. It is very important to take extra precautions to protect yourself from the germs and viruses you can catch when traveling via airplanes.

Tips to keeping your home safe while traveling

How scared should you be when you leave your house before your trip? Every time I leave on a trip, I triple check every window and door to make sure I locked all of them. Luckily the worst thing I have come home to after a trip was my house being toilet papered and egged by an angry ex boyfriend when I was in middle school. I was just happy I wasn’t robbed until I realized he had put honey on my door knob.

The last thing you want when you come home from your vacation is to see that your house has been broken into or robbed. A house left empty while traveling is a target for criminals. I’m not trying to scare you, but I’m trying to give you the facts of life. Obviously, your location can also be a factor to how vulnerable you are to having your house getting robbed. I was lucky and was raised in Dana Point, CA, which has a very low crime rate, but you should still always take the necessary precautions no matter where you live. Your house can be kept safe if you follow some tips on how to make it seem like you aren’t out of town. Here are some ways to keep your house safe while on vacation.

How To Overcome a Fear of Flying


I remember, after September 11, every time I would think about air travel, I would imagine the plane dropping from the sky or a bomb being on the plane. My mind would automatically rush to the most negative possibilities. For me, luckily, these worries lessened, because it was just an aftershock of the terrorist attacks. However, for others, these feelings and worries intensify and can stay forever.

Why are Flights So Expensive?



The other day, I sat down to book a flight to Cabo for a friend’s bachelorette party. I thought it would come out to 500. I felt so naïve when the total was almost 1000 dollars. What was crazier to me was that half my ticket price was made up of fees and taxes. I decided to do a little research and see what the cause of all these extra fees were and why I have been paying so much extra for my airline tickets recently.