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Best Destinations for Architecture

When traveling the world, it’s hard not to notice how the cities differ (sometimes drastically) from country to country. Not only does the landscape change around you, so does the architecture and design of the city. Marveling at what humankind has been able to accomplish is a very satisfying past-time; people travel thousands of miles to see the magnificent high-rises in NYC or the ruins of the Coliseum. Just like food, natural wonders, and experiences, architecture is a highlight of many traveler’s vacations. If you’re the type of person that admires buildings in all of their glory, check out our list of the best destinations for architecture. 

Parking at Philadelphia International Airport

If you’re new to the idea of off-site airport parking at Philadelphia Intl. Airport, welcome! We want to make sure that you are welled versed when it comes to traveling through PHL airport. To do this, we surveyed our customers and asked them for their tips and tricks when it came to parking and flying out of Philly.

MSP Airport: Where to park and how to get there

Flying out of any airport for the first time can be nerve-wracking! We asked out customers to share their expert Minneapolis-Saint Paul Intl. Airport knowledge with us on where to park at MSP and other general tips for navigating the airport. Here’s what we found out:


Where to park at MSP and how much is it going to cost?

When we asked our customers which parking lot do they typically choose to park at, a whopping 58.1% of them said Park ‘N Go. That’s impressive, considering it’s also our most expensive lot and says a lot about the service it provides. Park ‘N Go is $14/day to park, 3.4 miles from the airport and holds an ‘Excellent’ 4.5/5 rating from our customers. One customer says, “Park ‘N Go is excellent in all areas!”

Parking, Shuttling, and Flying out of LGA

If you’re flying out of NYC, there’s a good chance you’re flying out of LaGuardia Airport. This airport is known to be a bit hectic at best and hard to navigate. We surveyed our frequent LGA fliers for their input on parking and flying out of the airport. Here’s what we found out.

Customer Survey Results: Parking at Detroit Metro Airport

There are so many airport parking options at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, how do you choose which one is right for you and your vehicle? Don’t worry – we asked our DTW customers to give us the inside scoop on their preferences and what their experiences have been like parking and flying out of DTW airport.


When it comes to airport parking, our customers have a clear favorite. A 36.7% majority of our DTW customers prefer to park at Valet Connections. Valet Connections boasts a 4.2/5 ‘Great’ customer rating on our website, but the biggest perk with Valet Connection is its price. At $6.99/day, it is far cheaper than its two competitors, Park-N-Go and US Park.