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Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Whether you’ve got any Irish blood or not, it’s hard to resist this holiday. Spring is in the air and things are turning green everywhere you look (and not just plants, but bagels and rivers and beer)!

For those who want to get in on the action, we found a site that rounds up all of the parades, pubs, dances, and drinking songs near you, wherever you are.

Blarney on!

Tips from the New York Times Travel Show

If you had time to go to the New York Times Travel Show at the Javitz two weekends ago, we’re officially jealous.

But if, like us, you’re stuck living vicariously through those who made the trip, we have something for you.

Ten money-saving trip tips from the experts themselves.

And with all that money you save – take us with you!

Blackout Dates Begone!

Nothing ruins a perk like a blackout date. What good is that free ticket or upgrade if you can’t use it when you need it?

Here are some tips on how to beat blackout dates and plan your travel to make the most of what you’ve got.

(And for the record, our Parking Points have no blackout dates, there’s no limit to how many you can earn, and they never expire. That’s just how we are 😉

Parking at Denver Airport? Don’t!

Construction recently began on Denver International’s airport train station and hotel, shutting down a road that connects both sides of the terminal. That means travelers taking the shuttle from the airport’s remote lots will no longer be dropped off at the terminal – they’ll be dropped outside a garage, and made to haul their luggage another 200 yards to the airport.

Worse yet, it’s going to be like that for – wait for it – several YEARS.

Fortunately, we’ve got convenient, affordable parking options at Denver International. Check them out, and save yourself a lot of trouble!

Baggage Delayed? Know Your Rights.

One of a traveler’s worst nightmares is the airline losing your baggage. But what about when they just, say, lose track of it for a while?

Delayed bags are much more common than lost bags, but they can be just as frustrating. Fortunately, you have more rights than you may realize when it comes to the clothes and toiletries you have to buy while you’re waiting for your bags to get to you.

Get the details here, and negotiate like a pro next time you’re stuck.