Flying out of any airport for the first time can be nerve-wracking! We asked out customers to share their expert Minneapolis-Saint Paul Intl. Airport knowledge with us on where to park at MSP and other general tips for navigating the airport. Here’s what we found out:


Where to park at MSP and how much is it going to cost?

When we asked our customers which parking lot do they typically choose to park at, a whopping 58.1% of them said Park ‘N Go. That’s impressive, considering it’s also our most expensive lot and says a lot about the service it provides. Park ‘N Go is $14/day to park, 3.4 miles from the airport and holds an ‘Excellent’ 4.5/5 rating from our customers. One customer says, “Park ‘N Go is excellent in all areas!”

Coming up right behind Park ‘N Go is EZ Air Park. 23.9% of our customers say they park here. EZ is slightly cheaper at $12/day to park and holds a higher customer rating: ‘Excellent’ 4.7/5. EZ Air Park is 5.9 miles away from the airport, so the distance might be the factor making this parking lot the second choice.

Upon further inspection, this makes sense since 56.8% of our customers say that distance to the airport is a big deciding factor when choosing a lot. Price (62.7%) was the most important aspect of choosing a lot, along with past experience a customer has had with a particular lot (58.5%).


Getting to the Airport

When we asked our customers if they had any general tips for getting to and flying out of MSP, this is what they had to say:

“Get to the airport at least 2 hours early for domestic flights and 3 hours early for international flights. You never know what will happen and you may need that extra time.”

“Whenever possible, fly out of the Humphrey terminal”

“Use a park and ride as it is comforting to know your vehicle is close when you land and it is safe.”

“After being dropped off by airport parking shuttle, you have to take the elevator up 2 or 3 floors to get to departures/ticketing/check-in. we were told to go up 1 floor and were just left very confused. Thankfully there was plenty of airport staff around to help guide us to where we needed to be!”

“Pick up your car from the parking lot before the time you reserved ends. I was 1 hr and 2 mins over my booked time and was basically charged for another full day…”

“Go early enough to have plenty of time to go through security. Have your quart-size bag of liquids under 3 oz. easily accessible for the security check. Sitting and waiting later is not as bad as the stress of not knowing whether you will get through the line in time.”

“The bowl of Chili at Ike’s is tremendous.”

“Use one of the lots close by as it will save you money and headaches parking right at the airport. Only con is that your vehicle is out in the elements. Staff at the lots is exceptional and security is 24/7. Easy access in and out!”


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*Prices accurate as of 8/02/2018 – prices vary daily.