Airport Parking Before a 3-Day Weekend


Save $5 on your airport parking reservation until July 4th.

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  • http://none eduardo elizondo

    I paid for airport parking from your website but the san Antonio airport agent revealed to me that they don’t have internet parking service. I was charge again for parking plus I lost out with your parking fee on line which the airport parking agent told me was a scam!

  • Neil Panabaker


    • William Slaninko

      Please unsuscribe me.
      I park at 405 Parking or 105 Parking.
      I know the drill and it is convenient from work.

      I made a reservation once through your WebSite thinking that I was at 405 Parking (LAX Parking then).
      I didn’t find out that the reservation was for Crowne Plaza Parking until I was leaving the parking structure.
      Luckily, they gave me a 1 day free discount.
      But, I lost $37 because I was a no show at Crowne Plaza Parking.
      I wish that I could get that money back.

      Your Web Site should include ALL of LAX parking lots.

      Thank you for letting me express myself.