Airlines Eager to Add Service to Cuba

Cuba is on the radar of many American airlines. And why not? It’s a market that millions of Cuban-born people living in Florida want desperatly to visit, and it’s got those mythical cars and great big cigars.

Airport officials in Houston, Key West, and Tampa have pressed the government to broaden the list of ports of entry allowed to handle flights to the island country, said yesterday’s Wall st. Journal.

The signs are there: In April restrictions were eased on travel and money transfers to the island by US citizens or residents with family in Cuba.

It’s expected that if the travel ban to Cuba is lifted, more than one million Americans a year would take the trip.

Last week, Orbitz Worldwide emailed customers asking them to sign a petition urging the US government to lift the travel ban.

In Key West, they’re not waiting and they are expanding and renovating their airport.

  • Monrob

    Posted in 2009 and still nothing, thanks to Cuban-American politicians that keep the embargo going, even though they “feed” the Cuban Government when the exiles go back to see their families. Makes no sense, but then Cuban-Americans never make sense.