African Airport Security Has Always Been Lax

In the news this week is the terrible story about the terrorist who began his trip in Lagos Nigeria and tried to blow up an Airbus jetliner above Detroit.

The Wall St. jOurnal reported over the weekend about the lapses in security in African airports that allows hijackings and terrorism to begin there.

A new carrier called Arik Air Ltd began direct service from Lagos to New York, the first time a schedule connected Nigeria and the US directly. This gave the US Homeland security an opportunity to thoroughly inspect the airport’s infrastructure.

Yet the European Union has forbidden airlines from several African countries including Benin, Congo, Dijbouti, Swaziland and Zambia to fly to the Eu due to safety concerns.

Some European carriers flying to Sub-Saharan Africa even bring their own security staff on each flight to conduct a second screening. But these are often cursory, done on the tarmac at night.