3 Amazing Facts About Airport Parking Rewards

It’s been almost two years since we introduced Airport Parking Rewards – which gives customers Parking Points for using the website, and turns every 150 Points into $5 Credit on your account – and we think it’s time for a little bragging.

Since it began, Airport Parking Rewards members have:

  •  Earned more than 27 million Points
  • Shared the program with friends and family over 2600 times
  • Used Parking Points to save on more than 30,000 Reservations

Start earning Parking Points today, and save more than ever on your next reservation!

  • Best Parking website

    I use this website whenever I travel. It’s easy to use and has the best prices!

    • http://www.airportparkingreservations.com Rebecca

      Thanks – we think so too! :)

  • JK

    This website is the best. Parking is so expensive, it’s nice to be able to bring the price down a little bit.

  • Lauren

    What a great service you provide. We all love our rewards!

    • http://www.airportparkingreservations.com Rebecca

      Thanks Lauren! And we love our Rewards members!

  • Sira

    Wow. That truly is amazing. I love this service. I discovered it not too long ago. I live in Greeley so the closest aiport is in Denver. I used to take the shuttle but I absolutely love being able to drive my car to DIA

    • http://www.airportparkingreservations.com Rebecca

      We’re so glad you think it’s as great as we do, Sira! It makes you feel ‘home’ so much sooner when you can get right into your own car after a trip, doesn’t it?

  • Dana

    I love using your service!!! I just booked 5 minutes ago for my trip in January.

    • http://www.airportparkingreservations.com Rebecca

      We love that you love it, Dana… And we especially love that you’re thinking so far ahead!