March 2012 Posts

Blog Hiatus – and Cats!

Dear readers, we probably don’t have to tell you that this hasn’t always been the world’s most user-friendly blog. But we’re changing that!

Coming soon, a new blog that’s easy on the eyes and allows things like pictures and comments. I know, FANCY!

We’ll be going quiet for a while in the interim, but in the meantime, check out this post from Januted’s ‘Adventures of Travel Cat’ series, featuring photos taken by yours truly!

We’ll be back soon with a shiny new blog, and until then, safe travels!

Traveling Smart in a Bad Economy

The people over at Gadling are among our favorite travel bloggers, and they’ve come up with another fantastic way to make the best of a tough situation.

For budget travelers, a bad economy makes it harder than ever to find deals and afford adventure. But these creative tips turn those economic lemons into some pretty fantastic lemonade!

Have Kids, Will Travel – But Where?

Travel and kids. They go together like peanut butter and jelly – or oil and water.

But the experts at Frommer’s have put together a terrific list of 100 places to take your kids – complete with a map, and detailed categories, so you can satisfy the little thrill seeker, beach bum, and sports fan in your family.

Know about any spots Frommer’s forgot? Come see us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and share!

Looking on the Bright Side of High Gas Prices

Nobody likes high gas prices… But we’re always on the lookout for the silver lining, so how about this?

Next time you need to rent a car, it’s going to start getting a lot easier to find a hybrid, electric, or natural gas option. Avis has got the Chevy Volt, Enterprise is offering the Nissan Leaf, and that’s just the beginning. Read all about it!

Have You Visited Our Facebook & YouTube Pages Lately?

We thought we’d take a break from travel news to share some of the latest happenings on our social media outposts.

We’ve been asking our fellow Facebookers about their favorite vacation destinations, and have gotten some great responses. So far, sunny spots are ahead by a lot (no surprise there), with a few exotic locales rounding things out. If you haven’t added your two cents yet, stop by and chime in! There’s a Coupon Code in it for you 😉

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And coming soon to this blog – comments, photos, and everything you expect from, you know, a blog.