January 2012 Posts

Armchair World Traveler

Let’s face it – most of us will never take that around-the-world trip we’ve always dreamed of. There’s just too much to do in our everyday lives.

But if you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, you can see the highlights.

In 2011, photographer Kien Lam spent 343 days traveling through 17 countries, and has put her photos together into a gorgeous video that will make you feel like you were along for the journey – and maybe inspire you to go on one of your own.

Stranded at the Airport? There’s an App for That…

Anyone who has traveled in the last few years knows that the most common way for people to kill time and ease frustration at the airport is through the use of a smartphone, tablet, laptop, iPod, e-book… You get the point.

Here are a few apps that can do double duty… Keeping you occupied in the event of a delay, and helping you get the info you need to beat the crowds and get to your destination as quickly and well-fed as possible.

Shhhh… Don’t tell the guy sitting next to you.

Where to Go in Winter

When the word ‘vacation’ comes up, most people think of warm weather and sandy beaches.

But winter offers incredible opportunities that you won’t find in the the summer months, when everyone else has those same summery destinations in mind.

Take a look at these amazing cold-weather possibilities, and think about planning your next vacation for the off-season.

You Can’t Take it With You

There are some things we all know not to bring to the airport… Knives, bombs, 4-ounce bottles of shampoo.

But did you know that it’s illegal to bring haggis in your carry-on?

Check out this collection of strange souvenirs that won’t make it home to your mantle (or wherever you planned to put that haggis.)

JFK, LAX, & More To Get Expedited Passenger Screening

Not everything on the TSA’s blog is style over substance (see our last post.)

Back in November, we talked about some of the ways the TSA was considering making security screening more efficient for the lowest-risk travelers. (Read the original post here.)

After a pilot program at several airports in the fall, the PreCheck program will roll out to some of the nation’s busiest hubs in early 2012.

These kinds of changes may be just what the travel industry needs after a very bumpy few years.