Tips for Traveling with Friends

Tips for Traveling with Friends

The idea of traveling with a group of friends may seem like the best vacation you could ever take. But sometimes, expectations exceed reality. As much as you may love hanging out with your buds all day when you’re home, a vacation together is a whole new ballgame. You’ll have to contend with different personalities (with varied interests) all trying to plan and enjoy their own version of an ideal vacation. If you want to stay sane while traveling with friends, here are our best tips.

The REAL ID: Everything You Need To Know

What you need to know about the REAL ID

If you’ve flown anywhere recently, you may have noticed the newest TSA customer awareness campaign. Signs have been popping up in airport terminals countrywide informing travelers of upcoming changes in 2020 to the ID requirements when flying. But what are these new requirements and how will they affect your travels? We’ve got you covered with our in-depth guide to the new REAL ID. 

New Cuba Travel Restrictions: What You Need To Know

Cuba has been growing in popularity as a travel destination since former president Barack Obama loosened restrictions on travel. From itโ€™s classic cars to rolled Cuban cigars, the country has an undeniable charm. Just this week, however, the travel restrictions have changed yet again.    

Introducing AirTravel Answers

When it comes to travel tips and industry secrets, we’re all ears. That’s why we decided to launch AirTravel Answers, the newest addition to our blog and our very own column on everything flight-related. We’ll be interviewing industry experts who have the inside scoop on the best travel hacks and practices.

Keep an eye out for our first guest, Russell Hannon. Author of “Stop Dreaming Start Traveling” and founder of Break The Travel Barrier, Hannon brings all kinds of insight into budget traveling in his interview with us.

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Purify Water On The Go With These Gadgets

easy ways to purify water

Whether you’re planning a backpacking adventure or a trip abroad, one of your biggest priorities will be access to clean water. Having consistent drinking water sources isn’t always possible, so why not purify your own? Depending on your needs, different products and methods of water purification will be more suitable. We’ve compiled this list of the top ways to purify your water when you’re on the go.