How To Avoid Hidden Extra Fees Abroad 

Planning a trip overseas is a whole ton of fun but sometimes too much time is devoted to the exciting parts of the trip, and the tedious research goes by the wayside. Figuring out the deal with foreign transaction fees isn’t nearly as enticing as booking a tour at the Louvre. You don’t want to get to your destination only to find out that you should have spent some time researching these things; we’re here to help with our guide to avoiding extra fees abroad.

Weekend Destinations For St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th: the one day everyone wants to be an Irishman (or lass). For those who can’t get enough of the Irish festivities, there are some fabulous places around the world where you can experience St. Patrick’s Day on a whole new level. Go beyond leprechauns and green-tinted food to these fabulous destinations that genuinely embody the Irish spirit.

How Early Should You Arrive At LAX For Your Flight?

If you’re flying out of LAX, you’ll want to get to the airport in time to check in, check your bags and go through security. Sometimes going through the various checkpoints can be a breeze, but at other times the airport can get very busy. You don’t want to miss a flight because you underestimated the wait time, but is it really necessary to arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance? When should you get to LAX? The answer depends on if you’re taking an international or a domestic flight. If there are weather alerts, you should always arrive at LAX early at check with your airline for delay and cancellation alerts. Likewise, construction and other complications can slow down your anticipated arrival time. You can check the LAX live map hereWhen in doubt? Get to the airport a little earlier. Spending a little extra time at the airport is an easy trade-off for not missing a flight.

How Early Should You Arrive At JFK?

Flying out of JFK? Do you know when you should get to the airport? If you get there too early you risk pacing back and forth out of boredom. Get there too late? You risk missing your flight. So when should you head to JFK? Factors such as the weather, parking and your destination should be taking into consideration when planning for your airport arrival time. Be sure to check with your airline for specific instruction as well as delay and cancellation alerts. You can check in real time what the wait time for security lines will be like hereStill not sure? Getting to the airport a little earlier than usual never hurts.Don't be late for a flight!

Will Daylight Saving Time Affect Your Flight?

With Daylight Saving Time starting this Sunday, clocks will spring forward an hour, making it crucial for those who have travel plans to prepare accordingly. Although most digital devices like phones and computers will automatically adjust to the time change, that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear and don’t need to plan ahead. If you have a flight and need to know how Daylight Saving Time will affect your travel, read on for our guide to mastering the time change.