The Busy Person’s Guide to Planning a Stress-Free Holiday Vacation


Written by guest author, Sean Morris.

Most of us are busy all of the time, doing our best juggling act to balance work and family. Stress might be a part of your daily life as you worry about your children’s well-being, your aging parents’ health, the volatility of the industry you work in, conflicts with your spouse, or any number of other regular stressors. Add in the holidays and things can seem almost unbearable. A holiday vacation should be your reprieve, yet trips often become another stressful event. Here are a few tips for busy professionals to ensure a stress-free vacation.

2016 Best Holiday Destinations and Escapes

Are you hoping to make this holiday season as magical and memorable as possible? Who says you have to stay home in order to enjoy the winter festivities? Book a holiday vacation this year and enjoy the holidays like you never have before. There are destinations that will hearken back to the old days with holiday lights, carols and cocoa. Or you could escape it all and spend your holidays laid out on a sun-soaked beach with a cocktail in hand. Whichever your preference, make this season merry with these perfect holiday destinations!

If you’d like to grip nostalgia by the shirt collar, you can’t beat these holiday destinations that really know how to do it up every December.


1. Whistler, CA

Whistler Mtn.

Photo by Murray Foubister / CC BY-SA


Photo by peanutian / CC BY-SA

If your idea of the perfect Christmas is the quintessential “White Christmas,” look no further than Whistler, Canada! This quaint town embraces the holidays every year with all of their fun Christmas traditions and old-time charm. This real-life snow globe boasts a Christmas village decorated with millions of lights and holiday-themed activities the whole family will enjoy. Get some skiing in while you’re there, too. The ski lift provides the best, birds-eye-view of Whistler’s winter wonderland!


Introducing Our New Airport Parking App –

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 1.18.51 PMYou can book your flight through an app. You can reserve your destination hotel and rental car through an app. So, why not airport parking? Ok, ok, there’s already an app for that – the App has been around for a few years now. But with technology moving at the speed of light, it was time for an upgrade. Introducing our new (and improved!) app – the smarter, greener way to book your airport parking!


Why download the app?

We get it – sometimes travel plans happen last minute, and you need to be able to book your airport parking on the fly. That’s where our app comes in. The booking process is simple and fast, so you can concentrate on the other travel details. Like to park at the same place? Save time and pull up a past reservation from the reservation log to book… no search needed. And once you have your spot reserved, skip printing your receipt, and head straight to the parking lot.   You can view the receipt right from the app, and present it on your phone when you arrive.

For the Modern Traveler: Smart Luggage

Smart Luggage

Photo: Bluesmart

The travel industry isn’t slowing down anytime soon. And with all of the technological advances that are making our everyday lives easier, it was only a matter of time before the travel and luggage industries followed suit, catering to the tech-savvy travelers of the world. Smart luggage companies have been coming out of the woodwork promising to take some of the hassle out of traveling. Take a look at these 4 innovative luggage companies that are at the forefront of the market.

Take Photos Like a Pro on Vacation

Everyone wants to take those quintessential, stunning vacation photos when they’re in a new locale. Whether it’s to show off on Instagram or to frame as a reminder, it’s important to have great photographic keepsakes. But, more often than not, only a handful of pictures turn out to be share-worthy.

Take Photos like a Pro

If this sounds familiar to you, don’t fret. You don’t need a degree in photography or a ton of gear to score jealous-inducing photos. Just follow these great tips for your next trip and come home to the envy of all of your followers.