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Marie Kondo Inspired Suitcase Packing Tips

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo and her hit Netflix show yet, get ready to re-evaluate your cleaning style, organizational techniques and possibly your life as a whole. Marie Kondo is the master of de-cluttering, and her best-selling book has helped thousands of people adopt a more minimalist and healthy lifestyle. Using the same philosophy, Marie’s methods can also turn the most disorganized traveler into a sleek and unencumbered globetrotter. If you’re tired of paying extra baggage fees and want to start traveling lightly, check out these great tips for packing that are inspired by Marie Kondo’s philosophy!

Are Americans Afraid to Take Vacation?

In a country that is obsessed with working long hours, it should come as no surprise that unfortunately some Americans are not using all of their vacation days. America is home to a workaholic culture and that renders many Americans incapable of taking advantage of a benefit they’ve earned through that very same hard work: vacation days! Let’s take a look at why the average American leaves 4 unused vacation days on the table at the end of every year.

New Cruises of 2019

Cruise vacations have been on-trend for years, allowing the successful cruise lines to expand their already impressive fleets. In their ever-growing competition with each other, many of the major cruise-lines unveiled amazing ships that feature some fantastic on-board experiences, breathtaking sights, and unique flavors to win over new guests. To find out what great things are coming this year in the cruising industry, read our guide to the new ships of 2019.

Insider’s Guide to In-Flight Cocktails

Travelers who frequently imbibe during flights know that drinks in the sky are exponentially better than the ones you’ll have at sea level. If you’d love to have a drink, but can’t stomach straight alcohol, there are a variety of ways that you can spice up the single-serve alcohol bottles you’ll get on-board. If you’re looking to kick your next flight up a notch, check out these ultra-tasty recipes for the best cocktails you’ve ever had at cruising altitude and you may never fly sober again!