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Birmingham-Shuttlesworth (BHM) Airport Guide

Address: 5900 Messer Airport Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35212

How To Make the Most of the BHM Airport

What Are Some Positives to the BHM Airport? BHM Airport is actually known for the unique artwork located throughout the terminals. You can find paintings and sculptures located on both the lower and upper level, behind every curve, and at every turn. It's not uncommon for you to see people posing near one of the pieces of artwork as you pass through the walkways. The majority of the artwork is located near the baggage claims, specifically baggage claims 3 and 4, but also along Concourse B.

The airport itself is a quaint little place located within the large city of Birmingham. It is well-kept, clean, and staffed with friendly workers to assist you as best they can. The layout is rather simple, with the building in an upside-down "W" shape. The newsstands are promoted by Hudson, meaning that the prices in each store throughout the airport will all be the same price.

What Are Some Negatives to the BHM Airport? 

To start with, there are no real shopping stores. The only merchandise you can buy is found at Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, Barber Motorsports or one of the numerous newsstands. Because of the small airport size, it offers minimal restaurant variations. On the list includes Starbucks, located next to C2, Chick-fil-A, located near the bathrooms next to B1, Good People Brewing Company, next to A4, and Jim’N Nick’s Bar-B-Q next to the directory kiosk. There's also an ATM machine behind security. All of these businesses have good reviews from past visitors. Keep in mind, Chick-fil-A closes on Sundays so if you happen to be traveling on a Sunday, don't be craving chicken! Also, there are no discounts promoted for the BHM airport. So if you happen to be an avid couponer, you will have to find coupons for the restaurants or shops prior to traveling to the airport. Lastly, the airport runs slowly. Be sure you give yourself extra time to pass through security lines, otherwise you might be hopping onto a flight later than expected out of Birmingham.

Is There Anything Interesting About This Airport? 

Aside from all of the artwork located throughout the airport, there are added benefits to flying through BHM. It provides an animal relief center where you can take the pet you're traveling with and let it breathe some fresh air, relieve itself, and enjoy a nice run-around. This airport also provides a kid-friendly area to take your children and let them go about their merry way in a less distracting manner. If you're one for eco-friendly and all-natural, the BHM airport is currently working towards reducing emissions by switching to electricity-powered airplanes by use of the airport's energy units during passenger loading and unloading times in between flights.

The Top-Rated at the BHM Airport 

As you walk around the airport terminals looking for food, you will find that the top-rated restaurants are also generally the most packed. That would include Good People Brewing Company and Jim’N Nick’s Bar-B-Q for sit-down food. If you want something at a faster pace with more of a deal, you might want to check out Chick-fil-A or Starbucks. Since the overall majority of merchandise is from Hudson News Stands, the BHM Airport has evenly spaced out the stores conveniently along the airport terminals before the security checkpoint, at A1, and near B5.

Did You Hear Morgan Freeman Say, "Free Wifi"? 

Yes, you did! BHM offers free wifi all throughout the airport. And the best part about that is the fact that it is easily accessible at no cost to you. All that is required is that you find the wifi settings on your phone, connect to "TheAuthorityLan," open up a web-browser, then hit "Log on and Enjoy" to use the wifi anywhere within airport premises. Not only that, but Morgan Freeman voices the intercom system throughout the entire BHM Airport.

Necessary Amenities

What traveler can survive without the restroom or ATM machine? Not many, so that is why the convenient restrooms are located at the beginning of each terminal. The ATMs are located directly after the security checkpoint as well as near the Hudson Alabama Theatre News Stand.

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