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Ted Stevens Anchorage (ANC) Airport Guide

Address: 5000 W International Airport Rd, Anchorage, AK 99502

Built in 1951, the Anchorage International Airport, also known as the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, serves all of Alaska and is one of the main stopover locations for passengers heading to the Asian and European continents. The airport regularly serves more than 5 million passengers annually and employs 1 out of every 10 workers in Anchorage. The international airport covers more than 4,600 acres and is the world's busiest and largest float plane base.

ANC Airport Best Features

The Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport offers a large variety of airlines that range from international to local flights. Anchorage includes many cargo flights along with passenger services and the airport also includes convenient parking with easy access shuttles and easy flight check-in. The airport includes many guest services like banks, currency exchange, Western Union services and in-terminal shopping centers. The lost and found center is conveniently located for quick assistance and the airport also includes a special Military Lounge to provide military personnel with special amenities. Other features include postal services, pet services, car rental and transportation services as well as restaurants, cafes and shipping services.

ANC Airport Worst Features

Although the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport has many convenient services, there are some negatives about the location as well. A number of guests have reported that the tiled floors, seats with no arms and noisy loudspeaker system make it very difficult to sleep in the terminals if you're experiencing an overnight delay or extended layover. Although guest services are efficient, waiting lines for airlines can sometimes be very long.

Unique Features of Anchorage International Airport

Along with the amazing scenic views of Anchorage, the airport includes unique features such as 15 different retail locations inside the terminals, 12 cafes and restaurants (many with 24-hour service) and many emergency services on-site.

Must Try Spots On-Site

If you're traveling through Anchorage and have some layover time, there are several places in the terminals that are great for spending your time waiting. Some of these locations include restaurants like the Cafe Del Mundo, Cinnabon, Norton Sound Seafood House, and the Silver Gulch Brewing and Bottling Company. Other places to try are Aurora Artistry, Bush Pilot's Barber Shop, Humpy's Great Alaska Alehouse, Legends Lounge, and Moosellaneous.

Other Miscellaneous Info

The airport includes 3 terminals with lots of guest services that can help you to find everything from car rentals and hotel rooms to local activities, tourist information, and entertainment.

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