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Syracuse Hancock (SYR) Airport Guide

Address: 1000 Col Eileen Collins Blvd, Syracuse, NY 13212

Perhaps you're early for a flight or simply waiting for a transfer and you find yourself in the Syracuse Hancock International Airport. What kinds of things are there to do? Fortunately, SYR is a rather modestly sized airport packed with various stores, restaurants, and amenities. Here is a quick guide to how you should spend your time within the walls of SYR.

Highlight of Syracuse Airport

Probably the most annoying things that can happen at an airport are long lines with slow TSA processing, enormous terminals to bolt across, and no or high cost Wi-Fi. At SYR Airport, these three most annoying things are replaced with the best alternatives. The highlight of SYR Airport really is its ease of use: TSA lines are generally short if not empty, the airport is small enough to navigate with ease, and not only does Wi-Fi exist but it's completely free! Traveling through Syracuse means you will have less headaches and a lot more time on your hands to relax and enjoy what the airport has to offer inside.

Lowlight of SYR Airport

The airport security is usually pretty fast because the lines are typically short. Also, SYR has a TSA Pre-Check option. However, the Pre-Check has a tendency to be down. Although not everyone uses the Pre-Check, when it is down that causes more people to get in the normal security line. Compared to larger airports, these longer lines still pale in comparison, but the addition of disgruntled people to your line - or being disgruntled because you were expecting to use TSA Pre-Check - can definitely make the experience an unpleasant one.

Fun Ways to Stay Occupied

Electronically speaking, the SYR Airport is equipped and ready to go. There is free Wi-Fi, plus an assortment of electronic charging stations near lounge chairs. If you feel like taking a break from work or your phone, then the next best thing would be to do some shopping or sit down in a restaurant for a meal or even a drink. SYR even has a barbershop available. If you have extra time on your hands, consider perusing the bookstore for something new to read or even a refreshment for on the plane later.

Best Restaurants and Stores to Try

SYR has recently added even more dining options and places to grab a beer. Quick options include stores like Jamba Juice, where you can grab a smoothie while on the go. If you're looking for a fuller meal, some friends and a burger might be your meal of choice at Johnny Rocket's. SYR Airport even has the option now to grab a pint at the locally-brewed Middle Ages Brewery. All of these options are available post-security. Just be aware that, while the airport is 24/7, not all of the shops and restaurants are open through the night and may have varying hours between stores.

History of SYR Airport

The SYR Airport was an idea first conceived in 1927 by Mayor Charles Hanna, former World War I flyer wanting a top airport. The Syracuse City Airport at Amboy therefore began in 1928. By World War II, too many flight instructors were being recruited and an air base was constructed in the city. In 1946, the base was dedicated as a commercial airfield. In 1949, the Clarence E. Hancock Airport opened to the public. After some renovations, the Syracuse Hancock International Airport was born. Wherever you're going, flying Syracuse will not disappoint. Be ready to have a relaxing departure or transfer when passing through the SYR Airport!

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