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Roanoke–Blacksburg (ROA) Regional Airport Guide

Address: 5202 Aviation Dr NW, Roanoke, VA 24012

Convenient and Hassle-Free Travel Via Roanoke-Blacksburg (ROA) Regional Airport

Roanoke–Blacksburg Regional Airport (ROA) is a regional airport located three miles northwest of Roanoke, Virginia. ROA has two runways and over 60 flights every day. Its convenience and small size make ROA an efficient way for you to travel that won't cost you the extra time and effort like the big airports.

ROA: Charm, Efficiency and Free Wi-Fi

Pulling up to ROA Airport, you'll notice it doesn’t look like other airports. It’s all-glass facade and Albert Paley painted steel sculpture outside welcomes you, and once entering the airport you will notice the charming red brick walls of the interior lobby. ROA has the benefit of small size. This means no large lines, easy check-in and convenience to gates. Shuttle pickup and drop-off outside are a breeze, and security lines move quickly and efficiently. Employees here are pleasant and helpful. Here's a deal: Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport, and there are plenty of places to charge up your devices. This is a quiet airport where getting work done prior to your flight is actually possible.

The Downside of Being Small

As with many regional airports, there are limited food and drink options at ROA. There are only around 10 terminals, so while checking in and getting through security is quick and convenient, that may leave you with extra time you weren’t planning on. The solution is to not arrive too early — you don’t need to allow the extra hours like you would at the major airports. Also, the planes are smaller. You won’t be seeing an Airbus landing and taking off at ROA. Be prepared to be on a smaller and possibly more cramped flight. However, cheap or discount flights to places like Florida make it worthwhile. There are also limited bathrooms at this airport. Some have also complained that it is understaffed, as many employees wear multiple hats.

So, What to Do?

While ROA is small, there are some things to do. You can browse Hudson News, buy a couple magazines and read them while waiting for your flight. You can catch up on email and work via the airport’s free Wi-Fi. If you’re hungry you can grab a bite to eat at McAlister’s Deli. Again, this isn’t an airport with a crazy amount of terminals, so you won’t have extensive shopping and eating options.

Where to Shop and Eat

As for restaurants and shops, as stated before, they are limited here at ROA Airport. Hudson News and Gifts, which most travelers are familiar with, offers books, magazines, snacks and souvenirs. It opens one hour before the first flight of the day. McAlister’s Deli now has two locations at ROA Airport. McAlister’s is a fast-casual restaurant that offers soup and chili, salads, loaded baked potatoes, sandwiches and refreshing beverages for a fair price.

Other Things to Look For

ROA Airport has what they call “airport ambassadors” that are available to answer questions prior to security screening. These are volunteers in red vests that are trained in all aspects of the airport’s operations. Vending machines are available on the first floor, and there is a U.S. mailbox there as well. There are also two available areas for your pets to take potty breaks. Each end of the terminal lobby has small grassy areas with disposable bags and trashcans for you and your pet's convenience. There is a separate Service Animal Relief Area after the screening checkpoint, so if you have a service animal, ask an employee or ambassador to direct you there.

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Roanoke–Blacksburg Regional Airport Information

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Free cancellations on all reservations.

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