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OAK Parking Reservations

Looking for low Oakland Airport parking rates? We have many offsite options for you which offer greater value, flexibility and ease of use than onsite airport parking. All of our lot operators offer transportation to OAK most hours of the day for your convenience. Our system allows you to make a guaranteed parking reservation within just 2 minutes and all you need to pay to secure your space is a small fee equivalent to the cost of one day's parking.

We offer a huge selection of discounted Oakland Airport parking options and rates. We have worked with lot operators nationwide for many years to be able to offer our customers numerous parking choices, great prices and exclusive deals. Over 3 million customers have used our quick and simple to use reservation service and surveys reveal 96% of customers rate our site as good to excellent to use.

Parking options include indoor, self drive, valet and Oakland airport long term parking. We are confident you will be more than satisfied with our online reservation service! See what our customers say about where the best place to park at Oakland Airport is and how much to pay.

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OAK Airport Guide

Oakland Airport, 1 Airport Dr, Oakland, CA 94621, www.oaklandairport.com

Traveling can sometimes seem overwhelming if not properly acquainted with the airport you will be traveling through. Here are a few great tips to keep in mind when traveling through the OAK airport. 

Perks Of Traveling Through OAK Airport

While traveling, staying in touch with the rest of the world is important. The OAK airport caters to travelers needs to be in touch by providing free Wi-Fi throughout the airport terminals. There are also several cushioned seats throughout the airport that do not feature armrests, which give you the opportunity to use several chairs as a couch if you are in need of a nap to rejuvenate your energy for the rest of your travels. 

Unfortunates To Be Aware Of While Passing Through

In the unfortunate event that you are stuck in a layover and need some shuteye, OAK airport may just haunt your dreams. The seating areas should belong in a torture chamber for use as sleep deprivation, considering the hardness level of the seats is on par with a diamond.
If you could survive sleep deprivation then try your luck with starvation. There is generally nowhere to get food or beverages after 11pm. Oh, and if you think you could just soldier through it all, the airport policy actually does not allow individuals to sleep within the airport either.

OAK Airport Has Entertainment For Everyone

Long layovers in the OAK airport do not have to feel like wasted time. There is a Metropolitan Golf Link that runs right by the airport. A relaxing game of golf is made easy with the free club rentals that are available to travelers. You can also visit the Oakland Aviation Museum, which is located at North Field, in your spare time if golfing is not for you.

Bay Area Staple Restaurants That You Must Try While You Have The Chance

Fenton's Ice Cream is a must try when passing through the OAK airport. The creamery has been a staple in the Bay Area since 1864, and has a creamery open in the OAK airport. A wide variety of flavors are available to suit everyone's taste. Silver Dragon is also a staple in the Bay Area and a must try at OAK airport. The restaurant serves Chinese and Korean dishes and is known for their beef chow fun. 

Odds And Ends About OAK Airport

Individuals within the OAK airport must possess a ticket for travel to stay. Extended periods of time within the airport (such as overnight stays) are not permitted by law. Individuals who do not leave promptly when asked will be arrested. 

Many airlines serve the OAK airport. These airlines include: Alaskan Airlines, Allegiant, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, Jet Blue, Norwegian, Sata, Southwest, Spirit, US Airways, and Volaris. 
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Oakland Airport Information

Parking spots are running out at OAK.

Free cancellations on all reservations.

Prices at Oakland (OAK) for your dates have been going up over the past days.