Westin O'Hare - Chicago O'Hare International Airport ORD

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Distance from airport: 3.3 miles


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    $599per day

*Parking Tax - $1.50 per day


Parking Options & Amenities

  • Car Care
  • Car Wash
  • Curbside
  • Customer Restrooms
  • Exterior Fence
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Newspaper
  • Handicap
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Security Cameras
  • Self Park
  • Valet

Arrival Info:

In order to avoid additional fees, please DO NOT take an entry ticket. If you need any assistance, press the 24/7 call button on the bar code scanner. Please make sure you are using your bar code within your allotted reservation time. Your bar code will not work before your reservation time. When parking your vehicle, please ensure that you have your travel itinerary / receipt with you in order to scan the bar code on the printout at the entrance equipment. Please ensure that you keep this printed bar code so that you may scan it again upon exit.

Airport Transportation

Between the hours of 7:00AM and 10:00PM daily, the shuttles run every 30 minutes. The shuttle runs every 30 minutes between the times of 5:00AM-7:00AM daily, as well as between the times of 10:00PM and Midnight daily. From 12:00AM-5:00AM daily, the shuttle needs to be requested by calling (847) 698-6000, but is still only available on the hour and on the half hour. The hotel shuttle does not travel to the international terminal on a routine basis so international travelers must call the hotel for pick-up.

Operation Hours

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additional Information

The Westin O'Hare offers a convenient and reliable parking service for those flying out of Chicago O'Hare. Frequent and reliable shuttle transportation is available  throughout the entrie day. Reservations made here on AirportParkingReservations.com are guaranteed. 


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  • Virginia M. June 25th, 2013

    verified customer

    The Shuttle pick up was not at door 3 but much further down. The shuttle was packed with people standing in the Aisle which the shuttle bus was not equipped for, no straps or grab bars to hold on to. It was a very unsafe situation. The Drive was a grouch too. I probably won't park at the Westin again.

  • Joe W. June 25th, 2013

    verified customer

    The receipt with bar code is tough to work on the input equipment but it eventually works

  • Mark R. June 24th, 2013

    verified customer

    The bar code on my confirmation did not seem to work in the reader. I had some trouble on entry and could not get it to work at all when I exited. Fortunately the attendant answered the call and opened the gate.

  • Lokanatham G. June 24th, 2013

    verified customer

    We were very happy with the parking facility. We loved everything that was connected with this service. Beginning with the young lady who spoke to me about this service. Very prompt and efficient. With all that that was Good. Worst thing that happened was the person who drove the shuttle. He was very rude with my husband. There were few airline personnel going to airport & one couple who were also going. He helped them all with out even a word. When it came to us he not only asked if we were taking all the suit cases he also asked my husband to put the luggage in the shuttle and after reaching there he asked my husband to bring it down. He did all of this only with us. Hope his person can be corrected. Mind you we were dressed very well. I am a physician . We travel all the time at least twice a month. We were never treated this way. I use this kind of service in Houston & Jacksonville. People are courteous every where. Hope this person can be corrected & soon.

  • Bright A. June 24th, 2013

    verified customer


  • Matt M. June 21st, 2013

    verified customer

    Good parking experience except for the barcode reader not reading the barcode. Not a big deal as I read thia on just about every review I read. Just hit the call button and it is taken care of.

  • Boonthida C. June 21st, 2013

    verified customer

    The Ticket counter was aweful. It took us about an hour to get out of the parking lot because the system didnt work. Every car took more than 10 minutes to go through the paying station because the credit card machine was not working so they had to swipe their cards many times to make the payment. We had horrible experience with Westin parking lot.

  • Melvin H. June 21st, 2013

    verified customer

    There were problems with the scanner at the site which caused a wait

  • Bonnie K. June 20th, 2013

    verified customer

    Scanner didn't work but was easy to contact someone to help.

  • Kotaro Y. June 20th, 2013

    verified customer

    Hard to scan the barcode.

  • Melissa R. June 20th, 2013

    verified customer

    Very easy to find, shuttle timing was great, close to the airport, I would definitely park here again.

  • Rohit A. June 20th, 2013

    verified customer

    the payment system for prepaid parking is not well established, it took me almost 15 to try different things before I had to call somebody to help me.

  • Jill P. June 19th, 2013

    verified customer

    Great and convenient parking. Very courteous attendants. Thank you!! Great price!

  • Shirlee S. June 19th, 2013

    verified customer

    my first time parking at Westin-bar code would not scan-pressed help button-no answer-called phone number-no answer-finally talked with someone at hotel-he told me to just take a ticket to get gate to go up which I did-on return bar code would not scan-pushed button several times and finally someone answered-now that I know routine next time I park should be less stressful

  • Cindy C. June 19th, 2013

    verified customer

    The instructions for parking at the Westin are not very clear. They should mention that after scanning the barcode, you still need to take a parking ticket in order to enter the lot; in order to exit the lot, scan the barcode and THEN insert your parking ticket. Otherwise the actual parking experience was positive and very convenient.

  • Norman D. June 18th, 2013

    verified customer

    It was hard finding "door 3" at O'Hare.

  • Karen L. June 17th, 2013

    verified customer

    Had to wait for shuttle for 30 minutes. Then, couldn't get out of the parking lot despite having the bar code per instructions.

  • Kristina M. June 16th, 2013

    verified customer

    we were stuck at the gate for over 20 minutes because the scanner / program was not properly functioning. There was a line getting out and coming in at 1am until the hotel attendant opened the gate.

  • Deborah B. June 15th, 2013

    verified customer


  • Sandra K. June 14th, 2013

    verified customer

    Compared to other parking shuttles I've used, this took the longest to wait for them to pick us up at the airport.

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