The Westin Atlanta Airport - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport ATL

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Distance from airport: 2.1 miles


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    $500per day
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    $700per day
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    $900per day


Parking Options & Amenities

  • Car Care
  • Car Wash
  • Curbside
  • Customer Restrooms
  • Exterior Fence
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Newspaper
  • Handicap
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Security Cameras
  • Self Park
  • Valet

Arrival Info:

Please check-in at the valet desk prior to parking. Visit the skycap desk in the lobby to check-in your bags and receive your boarding pass! We are the only airport hotel in Atlanta to offer this service!

Airport Transportation

Shuttle departs every 20 mins on the hour. Contact hotel for service from airport between 12AM-5AM. 404.762.7676. Shuttle to the international terminal is not provided, but the airport has an international shuttle connector. Please allow additional time. Offer is valid for one (1) exit only. No in/out parking privileges.

Operation Hours

24/7, Contact hotel for service from airport between 12AM-5AM. 404.762.7676

Additional Information

The Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel is proud to offer guests the convenient Bags Inc. Airport Skycap Service.  Aimed at helping to take the stress out of traveling, this unique program lets you to check into your flight, receive your boarding pass and check your luggage - all before you check out of the Westin Atlanta Airport!

Simply check your baggage in at the BAGS lobby station to receive boarding passes and luggage tags.  Then, head straight to the gate at Atlanta Airport for your flight.  Westin Atlanta Airport is the only airport hotel in Atlanta to offer this service to help you stay revived and relaxed, even after your departure from our hotel.
Available for passengers on AirTran, American, and Delta.

Please note:  No vehicles over 7 feet high permitted at the Westin Atlanta Airport due to height restriction


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  • Kazue I. April 3rd, 2014

    Parking ticket hotel issued at my return from trip have never worked and I could not drive away promptly. Very frustrated every time.

  • Tamara V. January 1st, 2014

    verified customer

    Great service to offer - especially for guests already staying at your hotel!!! We looked up long-term parking and chose this because we already had a reservation at the hotel!

  • Jane S. December 29th, 2013

    verified customer

    We will definitely use this service again!

  • Jane S. December 28th, 2013

    This was an excellent option of airport parking. Everyone was totally professional and courteous. We will park there again!

  • Edward M. December 28th, 2013

    verified customer

    Will definitely use again

  • Dawn P. December 27th, 2013

    verified customer

    Used the valet service. The attendants didn't seem to have a system as to how this works and they were incredibly slowwwwww.....

  • James C. December 8th, 2013

    verified customer

    Always a good trip using Airport Parking

  • Peter L. December 6th, 2013

    verified customer

    Westin is becoming my favorite place to park using the Airport Parking.

  • Theresa J. December 2nd, 2013

    verified customer

    Loved it! Saved money, saved time and very convenient. Second time I used it and I am once again pleased with the service. I will be using it once again in December for an international flight.

  • WILLIAM B. November 20th, 2013

    verified customer

    I paid for covered parking but opted to park in the uncovered area. The covered parking area is very remote and looks like an easy place to have issues with theft.

  • John M. November 18th, 2013

    verified customer

    Service convenient, helpful, and customer oriented

  • Patrick L. November 15th, 2013

    verified customer

    Westin parking is a very good to use for long term parking.

  • Donna N. November 11th, 2013

    It is hard to get from the parking lot to the shuttle. There are stairs only.

  • Theresa J. November 5th, 2013

    verified customer

    I am so happy that I found your service. It was quick, easy and the price was right. Everyone I came in contact with at the hotel and on the shuttles were polite, attentive and efficient. I wish I had gotten the names of the shuttle drivers because they were exceptional.

  • Yasmin I. November 4th, 2013

    verified customer

    The pickup shuttle from the airport didn't show for over 45 minutes. I was waiting in the cold morning, and luckily, a Hampton Inn shuttle offered to let me sit in his shuttle til the Westin shuttle showed up. It never did, almost an hour of waiting. THE HAMPTON INN SHUTTLE DRIVER DROVE ME TO THE WESTIN. How nice was that of Hampton Inn shuttle driver, and how awful and embarrassing for the Westin to have me dropped off by a completely unrelated hotel.

  • Yasmin I. November 4th, 2013

    AWFUL. I've used the shuttle from this hotel before, and didn't have a problem at that time, but this time, it was enough to swear off parking there AND EVEN STAYING THERE. Going to the airport from the hotel, the driver seemed to either lack the ability to tell time, or lacked care in understanding some people had places to be. (Shuttle was supposed to leave at 7am, and didn't start moving til about 7:07; driver was chatting with valet guy). The way back, I waited at the airport for 55 minutes with no sign of a shuttle, and called the hotel twice. It was cold, and I was shivering outside, when the Hampton Inn shuttle asked if I wanted to sit inside to keep warm. I told him I was waiting for Westin, and he said they should pull up a few minutes before the top of the hour (I was there from 5:20am, and we're talking 5:55). At 6:05, when the shuttle didn't show, the Hampton Inn shuttle driver offered to take me to the hotel. I went inside to complain, and no one really expressed real concern, but did apologize. Still, I wouldn't recommend this location, unless you're coming or going at high-peak times.

  • Jason D. November 3rd, 2013

    verified customer

    Despite the fact that we had a baby the driver did not want to take us to the AirTran side and left us at the Delta side with all of our luggage. Very frustrating.

  • Michael F. October 31st, 2013

    verified customer

    I had difficulty with the payment machine at the Westin lobby. It kept misreading my ticket and I needed to get the attendant to assist me.

  • Ida W. October 19th, 2013

    verified customer

    outstanding service coupled with exceptional value has made our family immediate converts. Thank you

  • Bernadette M. October 14th, 2013

    verified customer

    An attendant was not outside when I arrived (It was 5:30 in the morning, so that could be why.) I was unfamiliar with the parking lot, so I wasn't sure where to park since you had to take a ticket to get in. Because of that, and not wanting to be charged an hourly rate, I had to go in the hotel, locate an attendant, then park, and missed the shuttle I had intended to ride.

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