Thrifty Airport Valet Parking - Boston Airport BOS

40 Lee Burbank Highway, Revere, Massachusetts 02128

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Distance from airport: 2.8 miles

Avg Shuttle Wait Time

5 - 10 minutes

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  • Distance from the Airport2.8 miles
  • Ratings62
  • DirectionsClick Here

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27 Reviews


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    • Free Cancellations
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    $1845per day


Parking Options & Amenities

  • Car Care
  • Car Wash
  • Curbside
  • Customer Restrooms
  • Exterior Fence
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Newspaper
  • Handicap
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Security Cameras
  • Self Park
  • Valet

Arrival Info:

No more searching for a parking space or waiting in long lines to exit. Thrifty will park and retrieve your vehicle for you. Luggage assistance is available. Prompt and courteous staff.

Airport Transportation

Free shuttle, continuous operation 24-7.

Operation Hours

Open 24 hours a day.

Additional Information

No more searching for a parking space or waiting in long lines to exit. Thrifty Airport Parking Boston will park and retrieve your vehicle for you. Luggage assistance is available. Prompt and courteous staff. Well-lit and fully secured facility. Continuous free shuttle service to and from the airport terminals.  Oil change, car wash and detail available for additional charges. Thrify's free airport shuttles run every five minutes. No need to call from the terminal. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thrifty Airport Parking Boston offers a great off-airport parking service for Boston Logan International.


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  • John P. March 25th, 2015

    verified customer

    When we were picked up at the airport, we really did not know where the pick up spot was. When coming out of the baggage claim area for US Air we found ourselves and other people waiting in the wrong spot. Fortunately we were able to flag down our Thrifty bus as it went by. Maybe in the communication with the customers make it clear where we have to meet the bus, especially if it is in the baggage pickup zone area. Thanks

  • Stephane L. March 22nd, 2015

    verified customer

    would love o have Thrifty wash and vacuum the car while I'm on my trip. What perks can you offer frequent users?

  • Elizabeth W. March 8th, 2015

    verified customer

    I have been very frustrated by the lack of airport parking in the last 6 months. I tend to check before leaving to see what is open and then I make a reservation with an external parking company of there is only overflow - which is often. I am 70 and I travel a lot for work. I don't want to be wandering around dark cold parking lots at mid-night. There are a lot more of me coming behind as I'm at the front of the baby-boomers who won't be retiring at 65. We will be consultants who travel.

  • Charles H. March 7th, 2015

    verified customer

    had to wait half an hour for pick-up...

  • Mark C. March 7th, 2015

    verified customer

    Shuttle upon return took much to much time. I had to call twice to see if shuttle was on its way to airport to pick us up. It seemed as if other shuttles had and left more than once before our shuttle arrived. My wife was very disappointed and we will seek other park and flys other than thrifty which we have used numerous times. Thanks

  • Karen S. March 4th, 2015

    verified customer

    Thrifty Car Parking in Revere MA was reliable, reasonably priced, and the staff, from the guys at the desk to the shuttle drivers, was awesome. My car was warmed up and cleaned off when I returned, after a night of slushy snow and rain. Thank you for your service-I will be a repeat customer from now on! My only issue was not being able to find it with my GPS, since the road on which it is located has 3 different names and overall, directions seemed confusing.

  • Gary G. November 19th, 2014

    Your ad stated that "the car will be cooled in the summer and warmed in the winter". We returned 1t 10:30 pm on 11/17/14 and the car was delivered less than warm, and covered with snow and ice. The attendant had removed enough ice and snow from the windshield only to permit him driving the car to the pickup point. Now I am 79 years old and I had to take my scraper and brush to clean off the ice and a three inch covering of snow off the total glass surfaces of the car. I had to thaw the windshield wipers since they were stuck to the glass. The attendants were not equipped to do their job since he only had a brush and scraper and no other tool. There job description also failed to say help the customer. I paid a premium for this lousy service. Management at this location has a real problem with giving their workers tools and training to deal with the typical winter weather of Columbus Ohio. This is my last encounter with this business.

  • Oksana R. August 17th, 2014

    very good service, easy , positive expetience

  • Sai B. August 14th, 2014

    I've used Thrifty Airport valet parking at Logan at least 20 times over the last 5 years and have always found it to be fast and reliable and convenient in every way. However, the most recent time I parked there I had over $20 in change stolen from my car. Yes, it was my mistake to leave so much change inside the arm rest, but it was not out and visible, and they took it all. I noticed it immediately and was told by the kind gentleman at the check-out box that "it happens all the time". I've learned to not leave any valuables in the car. My mistake.

  • Kevin T. July 20th, 2014

    verified customer

    nice and easy

  • Richard J. May 11th, 2014

    Mixed review. Dropping off the car was great with little wait and we were off to the airpot. Returning was terrible! We had to wait almost an hour for the van. Four of the competitors vans came by before the Thrifty van. The pick up location was confusing. The driver told us to wait at one spot however the voice mail stated a different location. We almost missed the van again because of this confusion. Once we finally arrived the car was out front waiting for us.

  • Kim B. March 2nd, 2014

    I have used the parking service a few times and the service has always been terrific. The shuttle runs constantly and I have never had to wait. The drivers call the home base to double check that your car will be ready. They valet park and so the car is all warmed up or cooled off when you get to your car. Great service!! And the have discount coupons available.

  • William W. January 6th, 2014

    verified customer

    We liked using thrifty but it was difficult using the directions we pulled off google and we got lost trying to head home. We would use them again but just get much better directions from either their website or double check with other map/directions....

  • Ben G. January 5th, 2014

    When we left to go to Florida there were no storms predicted; as you may know we just got a 8-10 inch snowfall with blizzard conditions. Once the newscasts started predicting snow, I kept dreading our return as I had no scraper or other tools in the car...which is what happens when you have a garage at home and you can work at home the days the weather is bad. We arrived back in Boston the day after it stopped snowing. The shuttle was on time as advertised. Then, the most pleasant's an outdoor lot and there was no snow on the car!

  • Ingrid M. December 2nd, 2013

    verified customer

    I was very happy with my parking experience.

  • Doris L. October 3rd, 2013

    verified customer

    Can someone tell me why the person who parked my car had to totally adjust the driver and passenger seats. It took me most of the trip home to readjust my seat. Also, why did they have to play my radio. Programmed to a station I would never listen too. This is so absurd to me. Leave the driver seats alone. Also, why is the valentine parking desk never staffed. There are always two or three people at the car rental area,with no customers, but no one one the valet parking desk. I tried to call he number I was given! when we arrived so that we could inform Thrifty personnel that we had arrived. The message I heard was that the extension I entered did not exist. I used the extension is was given at check in. This was a very frustrating experience and I am not sure I will ever park there again.

  • Robert V. September 3rd, 2013

    verified customer

    - Was provided a text number to send in when I arrived. I did this when got to gate but got no reply. - No shuttle outside so had to call the phone number when I got outside. - Driver called in my ticket number also from the shuttle(good), but car was not ready when I arrived (bad) and I had to give this ticket number to attendant again at the office, all of which cost me 15 minutes extra waiting instead of being picked up right away and also having car ready. - This is a big value for me to have this service but it needs to work better!

  • Kathleen G. June 23rd, 2013

    verified customer

    I was given a card with information to text the facility with my "car code" when I arrived. When I arrived at the facility, I was told that the "text" system hadn't worked for some time and I should have called....had I been informed of this, I certainly would have telephoned. As it was I had to wait quite some time for them to locate my car at another site. ....a bit confusing and annoying.

  • John P. May 14th, 2013

    verified customer

    Your driver saved the day. I was running real late due to the traffic. He left sooner than normal with another customer and myself and the other passenger suggested to drop me off first and the driver did so.Got to the gate as they were boarding.Thank you so much.

  • Sheila M. May 3rd, 2013

    verified customer

    I will use your services again the next time I fly from Boston.

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