Select Airport Valet Parking - Boston Logan Airport BOS

60 VFW Pkwy, Revere, Massachusetts 02151

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Distance from airport: 4.1 miles

Avg Shuttle Wait Time

10 - 15 minutes

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  • Distance from the Airport4.1 miles
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335 Reviews


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    • Free Cancellations
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    $1299per day


Parking Options & Amenities

  • Car Care
  • Car Wash
  • Curbside
  • Customer Restrooms
  • Exterior Fence
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Newspaper
  • Handicap
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Security Cameras
  • Self Park
  • Valet

Arrival Info:

Please check in with valet upon arrival at the lot.

Airport Transportation

Shuttle transportation and luggage assistance provided 24 Hours on demand

Operation Hours

Open 24 hours.

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  • Karen W. May 25th, 2016

    verified customer

    Waited over 45 mins for the van. The excuse of traffic was not valid as we saw when we finally were picked up. Multiple vans from nearby parking facilities came by while we waited. Extremely hard to reach when we called for a ride - had to call multiple times and could not leave a message as voicemail was full. Think this operation is chronically understaffed and cannot serve its customers adequately. Not worth the few bucks we saved parking there - We will Never do it again!!

  • Matthew R. May 25th, 2016

    verified customer

    Worst customer service ever. We were told several times that the van would be there in 10-15 min but instead we sat there for over an hour. They even drove right by us after we had called 35 minutes before. They were very disorganized. I would definitely spending the extra $4 to go somewhere that had better customer service.

  • Robert M S. May 22nd, 2016

    verified customer

    The staff has always been friendly, helpful.

  • Marianne D. May 19th, 2016

    verified customer

    We never wait more than a few minutes on arrival at parking. On our return, we call as instructed and have never waited more than 15-20 minutes for the shuttle. We have used this service multiple times.

  • Rosa R. May 18th, 2016

    verified customer

    We arrived to the parking lot and the shuttle was there waiting for us. We got to the airport within 10 mins. On arrival back from our vacation, we called for a pick up waited about 20 mins, the driver remembered us and welcomed us back. When we arrived to the lot our car was waiting for us at the door. Excellent service!!!

  • Abhijeet D. May 16th, 2016

    verified customer

    The driver demanded I give him tip and upon giving 1$ bill , demanded even more. The shuttle on my arrival back to airport was >30 minute late and guys were not professional at all.

  • DAWN MARIE D. May 16th, 2016

    verified customer

    When we arrived to Logan at 12:30am, we called for the shuttle to take us to the lot. They said, "call us when you get your luggage". We then called them and they told us they would be there "in a few minutes" but they made us walk to a terminal at the other end of the airport. We called again and he told us to "wait outside" in passenger pick up area. Having come from SC, we were dressed in shorts and it was freezing out! The van did not come so we attempted to reach the company by phone several times but the answering machine "would not accept messages". My husband came to the conclusion(at 1:45am) that the shuttle wasn't coming for us. We had to spend $35 to take a taxi to the lot.When we arrived at the lot, the building was unlocked with the door wide open, but there was no attendant there. Our car was there, left unlocked, and all sorts of keys were lying around the office. Clearly, this company does not care about the safety of the vehicles that are parked there. After about 15 minutes, the van finally showed up and he stated the "van had a flat tire and the phone was out of service so they couldn't reach us". Conveniently, though, the van was now able to drive a new customer to the airport. The attendant said that we should call "Jim, the owner, and he would issue a refund. Despite several attempts to reach "Jim", we were unsuccessful. Anybody considering parking their car at Select, on 60 VFW Parkway in Revere, we strongly advise against. The service is horrible and not worth the money I thought I was saving! This company should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

  • Linda D. May 15th, 2016

    verified customer

    I always park at Select when I fly out of Logan. I always make it to the airport on time and get a great deal on the rates. Day or night it's the same quick and friendly service.

  • Jay H. May 11th, 2016

    verified customer

    The service was drastically understaffed. They did not have enogh staff to run the shuttle, get cars, book people and out. People wound up waiting for over an hour or taking taxi cabs to the lot. It would have been-and was- a total disaster for anyone not very familiar with the Boston airport area.

  • Beverly T. May 11th, 2016

    verified customer

    I had to wait 40 minutes to be picked up at the airport. When I got to the parking lot, the attendant could not find my keys. It took another 30 minutes before my keys were found.

  • Maura W. May 11th, 2016

    verified customer

    Waited 30 minutes to get picked up at Logan. Called numerous times as was instructed. BOTH phone numbers kept ringing, no answer and went to voicemail. However, BOTH voicemail boxes were full and you couldn't leave a message. We will not be using this service again.

  • Deborah C. May 11th, 2016

    verified customer

    The parking area where the office is was small and because I arrived at 4am it was dark with no overhead street lights. It is on a dark street and there was non one in the office. I had to either stay in my car and wait for someone or stand in the doorway of the office. It was 15 minutes before the office attendant came back from his trip to the airport. There should be someone at the office at all times so people don't have to wait on the street.

  • Zhe Y. May 8th, 2016

    verified customer

    Worst park n' fly experience I've ever had. The driver is only rude, but also drive recklessly. The staff did nothing for me (I don't have any luggage) but still asked for tips. Hands down worst park n' fly experience I've ever had. I don't know why their review is so good on this site. Check their google review (wish I did before booking this).

  • Jeffry L. May 2nd, 2016

    verified customer

    I will never get use you again. The guy who finally picked me up after over an hour wait had the GALL to ask me for a tip! My tip was give better service.

  • Ataollah E. May 2nd, 2016

    verified customer

    When I got to the parking lot a lot of people were waiting for shuttle, Shuttle did not have room for me and my wife, I asked the receptionist when is coming next shuttle, his reply was "do not know". I decided to get taxi and go to airport.

  • Robert M. May 2nd, 2016

    verified customer

    Shuttle to the airport was not clean

  • Tricia J. May 2nd, 2016

    verified customer

    We have used this parking shuttle several times and have always been pleased. The last time we used them, our flight was cancelled, causing us to be unable to return to our car for 1 1/2 days. The parking attendant took care of everything with no additional charges. Greatly appreciated after a terrible flight experience! Will continue to use this service every time we fly from Boston!

  • Marla H. May 1st, 2016

    verified customer

    Parking lot not in the best of condition Return driver was a little crazy Wait was a little long Had to put our bags in the van ourselves

  • MARTA N. May 1st, 2016

    verified customer

    Horrible experience, and mine seems to be what happens most of the time. Arrived for drop off to a small, dark lot with an unattended office with a note to call a number for service. A driver appeared and dropped off some customers, seems extremely disorganized and no record of my or tigers online reservations. Didn't even if we paid online or not. I was given a ticket corresponding to my keys and asked when I was returning. When I returned, I waited AN HOUR after I called to be picked up. I wished so much that I had chosen Thrifty or one of the other parking services that had shuttle every few minutes. When he arrived, he complained the entire time about a co worker not showing up for work. He was actively texting and driving the entire time. We picked up other passengers at the next terminal, who also said they waited an hour. It's clear this company only has ONE SHUTTLE. They couldn't find my keys, and asked if I came in early. I was really worried what condition my car was going to be in, or if I was going to even have a car. You might may pay 25% more for one of the most services....this place I'd NOT WORTH the $20 I saved for the delay and frightening experience.

  • John C. April 29th, 2016

    verified customer

    Lights were out on signage making the lot impossible to find, even with GPS, without telephone instructions. I had no idea they were going to move my car to a secondary lot, and don't feel good about someone driving my car on public roads.

1-20 of 335 Results