Fly N Save - Oakland International Airport OAK

250 Hegenberger Road, Oakland, California 94621

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Distance from airport: 1 miles

Avg Shuttle Wait Time

5 - 10 minutes

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  • Distance from the Airport1 miles
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495 Reviews


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  • Self

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  • Special Feature

    • Free Cancellations
  • Price

    $695per day

*Parking Tax - 18.50%

*Airport Access Fee - $5.00 total


Parking Options & Amenities

  • Car Care
  • Car Wash
  • Curbside
  • Customer Restrooms
  • Exterior Fence
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Newspaper
  • Handicap
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Security Cameras
  • Self Park
  • Valet

Arrival Info:

Please arrive at Fly N Save 15 minutes prior to the time you want to be at your terminal. Please present a copy of your Reservation Receipt. *Please Note* Reservation receipt MUST be presented to cashier at time of Check Out. Please make sure to show a copy of your Reservation Receipt at the parking lot. *Please Note* Reservation receipt MUST be presented to cashier at time of Check Out to receive online discounted rate.

Airport Transportation

Quick and easy FREE transportation to and from all terminals - less than a mile from the airport.

Operation Hours

Open 24 hours.

Additional Information

Save on Oakland Airport Parking with Fly N Save! Your reservation made on is safe, secure and guarantees your parking space with Fly N Save.


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  • Onie J. November 30th, 2016

    verified customer

    I was not familiar with the area, but when I called the staffer was very helpful and got me there with no problem. The only thing I would say is the sign might be bigger.

  • Jane V. November 30th, 2016

    verified customer

    We noticed that both going to and coming back from the airport, the drivers were going quite fast; enough for it to concern us.

  • Mio D. November 30th, 2016

    verified customer

    Our experience was great but we arrived on Thanksgiving morning at 4:05am and we're the last car allowed into the lot since it was totally full.

  • Rasesh G. November 28th, 2016

    verified customer

    Excellent service

  • Karen B. November 27th, 2016

    verified customer

    My car was parked in a stall, which I did. They put other cars in the isles to pack as many as possible in. When the driver dropped me off I tried telling him I needed assistance backing my car out because I'm vision impaired. He drove off as soon as he removed my luggage and left it in the middle of the parking lot. Will not use this lot again.

  • Mollyanne B. November 27th, 2016

    verified customer

    The staff is particularly personable.

  • Daniel C. November 27th, 2016

    verified customer

    the staff and promptness was incredible. but the online payment was very annoying. there was not a simple print screen he was nice enough to honor my copy of the screen shot i did bring. but said he won't be able to honor it next time. which makes it a concern for the next time if you don't upgrade your web page i may have to use another service. i already mentioned the confusing web page and no clear print option. also was difficult to see the lot in the early morning. the sign was not lit and drove by it twice in the positive side. the staff was very nice and your pricing with coupon is very reasonable

  • Melissa P. November 27th, 2016

    verified customer

    i am pleased with the company

  • SB R. November 27th, 2016

    verified customer

    It was supposed to be self-park but they were overbooked and jamming cars in everywhere so they took your keys. Employees were really nice but people were walking the lot yesterday trying to find their cars since they weren't where they were told they were. Only one shuttle running and we waited more than 30 minutes for it yesterday. Wednesday we gave up and stopped a cab or we would have missed our flight. Will not use them again..

  • William P. November 27th, 2016

    verified customer

    Had reservations, but delayed because the lot was over sold! The ticket machine was out of order and the attendant had to write out parking slips and needed car keys so cars could be moved when owners returned. There was a 30 minute delay and mass confusion especially for those on a tight schedule.

  • Duane J. November 27th, 2016

    verified customer

    Rather disorganized crew at this lot. Delayed entry due to nonability to tabulate all the cars coming in in an expedient manner. The wait time for RETURN shuttle was VERY POOR and the deciding factor for my NOT using this company again. IF you are in a hurry or running late or cutting it close - BEWARE!!

  • Craig B. November 26th, 2016

    verified customer

    one person on duty? really - shuttle never showed we got a ride to lot to get our car parked cars all over, blocking us in we waited and waited one man handled it all - no one could have done better there should have been a helper

  • Rhita W. November 26th, 2016

    verified customer

    It was very easy to park. The shuttle picks and drops you off right at your car. If you return in the dark pay attention to bags if multiple families are on same shuttle as it is easy for someone to pick up a bag that is not theirs by accident.

  • Ana Paula M. November 26th, 2016

    verified customer

    Outgoing they used a large shuttle bus. Incoming they used a passenger van. There was not enough space for everyone and only one van was in service. Had to wait over 20 minutes for van to return to airport. The passenger van is cramped and when I got out I slipped and slammed my elbow against the door. They have valet parking up and down the parking lot lanes making it very tight to backout your vehicle. I had to do a four point turn to get my SUV out of there. The price was low, but not worth the hassle.

  • Joseph W. November 26th, 2016

    verified customer

    Fly-N-Save should have been written much larger on the sign. It took three drivebys to see the name on the sign. Next time we will know how to find them.

  • Jill S. November 26th, 2016

    verified customer

    Drop-off parking lot attendant was not friendly but afternoon return parking lot attendant was. Had to wait in the early morning while they unloaded us (initial shuttle was too small).

  • Helen H. November 26th, 2016

    verified customer

    The shuttle was full so left us and 6 others waiting for 25 minutes at the airport!

  • Deborah T. November 25th, 2016

    verified customer

    Parking lot was packed. We needed to leave our key with the attendant and park behind a long line of cars because all the parking slots were taken when we left. When we returned, our car was up front ready for us to drive out. I REALLY appreciated that! Parking lot not far from the airport; yet I was concerned about some of the seat belts not working in the van.

  • William L. November 24th, 2016

    verified customer

    Spend $1 more and park somewhere else!!! It took 40 min for pickup in day light. While waited, I watch all their competitors send their shuttles around at least 3 to 4 times! What ridiculous wait time! When I arrived back, I found the entire lot double/triple/quadruple parked, jammed full of cars in a complete chaos. My car was all in the way in the back. They were "nice" enough to leave a tiny path free of car, routed allover leading to the front. I had to driver around 1-2mph to avoid hitting cars parked around me. It was pure craziness. The lot also is very difficult to find, they dont have any large signatures and zero sign on the street. I passed it twice while looking for it. Overall, there is definitely a very poor lot, unless their sister park in San Jose. Please do yourself a favor and spend $1 more and park somewhere else.

  • JoAnn B. November 24th, 2016

    verified customer

    When I got back to my car there were 2 cars behind mine and I had to wait awhile until they were moved. Then it took me awhile to get my SUV out of the spot because there were other cars parked to close behind me. I know it is all about making more money but did not appreciate how crammed in it was. I had a reservation and it should not have been soooo difficult to get my car!!!!!!! The lot was way to crowded.

1-20 of 495 Results