Park Air Express - Los Angeles Airport LAX

5757 West Century Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90045

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Distance from airport: 1.6 miles

Avg Shuttle Wait Time

5 - 10 minutes

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  • Distance from the Airport1.6 miles
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100 Reviews


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  • Self

  • Days

  • Special Feature

    • Free Cancellations
  • Price

    $1195 per day
  • Valet

  • Days

  • Special Feature

    • Free Cancellations
  • Price

    $1595 per day

*Airport Access Fee - $1.75 total

*City Parking Tax / Fee - 10.00%


Parking Options & Amenities

  • Car Care
  • Car Wash
  • Curbside
  • Customer Restrooms
  • Exterior Fence
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Newspaper
  • Handicap
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Security Cameras
  • Self Park
  • Valet

Arrival Info:

Please arrive at Park Air Express 20 minutes prior to the time you want to be at your airport terminal. The clearance for Self Park is 6'2". Any vehicle higher that this clearance will have to Valet Park and will be charged the difference between Self Park and Valet Rates.

Airport Transportation

Free transportation to and from the airport is provided 24 hour per day in shuttle vans.

Operation Hours

Open 24 hours.

Additional Information

Park Air Express - LAX is a reliable and trusted car parking operator who are comprehensively insured and only 3 blocks away from LAX. Offering garage parking and great service the parking lot is open 24 hours a day and run free shuttle vans to and from the airport at any time. A shuttle service is also available to the Cruise Pier and Amtrak Station. Making a reservation today will save you $3 per day off the posted rates. Park Air LAX offers an executive VIP service. Car wash and detail is also available, please inquire when you check in. Park Air Express LAX ask that you arrive to park 15 minutes prior to the time you need to be at the LAX terminal. Once you return to Los Angeles and you have retrieved your luggage please call 310-641-0706 for pick up.


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  • Tonnette W. July 27th, 2015

    verified customer

    Our shuttle going to LAX, on 7/18, was quick (within 10mins) but due to traffic as I was told, the shuttle took about 30 mins from the first call I made to it's arrival on our return trip back, on 7/26, to the parking structure. But it was still a quicker service than any of the shuttle services that we used to hire round trip. We will definitely utilize this service more often. Thank you.

  • Ed C. July 21st, 2015

    verified customer

    Overall good experience. On the day coming back, the shuttle to 25 minutes. Not ideal when you are with an 8 year old standing outside at 11:30pm.

  • Romelia C. July 19th, 2015

    verified customer

    The car washed I requested was done poorly !!

  • Kathleen M. July 16th, 2015

    verified customer

    Frustrating as a first time customer as there is little to no signage for self park. Had to ask someone on every floor where to go. Told the bus driver we were flying Air France serviced by Delta and asked which terminal was correct. He dropped us off at the Delta terminal, which was incorrect. My boys and I had to run to the Intl terminal and almost missed our flight. Initially, Air France refused to check our luggage and told us we were too late to even board. We would've been on time, if the parking had better signage, we were dropped off in the right place, and if the driver could navigate the traffic in the departure lanes better. Also, your sign on the street is not very visible and too small

  • Gary H. July 13th, 2015

    verified customer

    shuttle should be less than 10 mins

  • Joseph W. July 12th, 2015

    verified customer

    Check-out procedure for clients such as us, who paid a deposit only in advance, was terrible, very confusing. No instructions where to exit or how to pay rest of fee. Also, were directed to level 4. Some cars aprked tandem, so we were unsure where to park to avoid being trapped upon return. Your location is excellent, pricing reasonable, staff when we could find them attentive. But above problems--plus long wait at LAX upon return, means we'll probably park elsewhere next time.

  • Joyce L. July 9th, 2015

    verified customer

    We arrived very early 4:30am for a 6am flight and didn't know we should have left our keys so they could move our car. There was no comment about early arrivals leaving keys and no one was at the lot. Maybe they should have somehow let you know when you sign up so you don't inconveniece thearking attendants. They were very nice to not charge of for our late pickup as we were involved in a nationwide computer problem with United Airlines.

  • Karl De Vore D. July 3rd, 2015

    verified customer

    Instead of ""visitor parking" the signs should say "Park Air express." I was not clear where to park, or what to do after I parked. Now that I know the drill it will be easier. While I was waiting for pick up from the shuttle I saw other shuttles multiple times, so, because I chose Park Air Express, I had to wait longer than I would have had I chosen another long term parking option.

  • Lenora H. July 1st, 2015

    verified customer

    It was difficult to know where to catch the shuttle upon return at LAX.

  • Ronnie U. June 29th, 2015

    verified customer

    EXCELLENT!! I walked out of the terminal and the van was there to pick up other passengers. Talk about great timing!! Once back to the parking lot my car was ready to go. Very courteous in handling of my luggage and making sure I was comfortable with their service. We will use this facility again on our travels.

  • Stephen J. June 29th, 2015

    verified customer

    This was a great experience and I would DEFINITELY use it again. The personnel were all nice and helpful. I guess it just takes a long time to get around the airport if you are picked up between terminals one and two. Signage could be improved between car to elevator, elevator to shuttle. Thanks

  • Louis H. June 28th, 2015

    verified customer

    We will use your parking service again in the future. Thank you

  • Carolina J C. June 27th, 2015

    verified customer

    I used the valet service and overall it was good. I was disappointed with the long wait to pay for my car when I had to pick it up. There was one person at the counter and one person at the back office area behind the glass.

  • Santiago M. June 23rd, 2015

    verified customer


  • Valerie C. June 23rd, 2015

    verified customer

    Never. Again. I did my part, but Air Park Express failed on it's end. Waited 20+ minutes--along with other customers--in the wee dark hours of the early morning before I called the phone number provided on my reservation at 5:53am, but it just rang and rang, no answer! The lobby attendant then came out to tell us that he had directed us to wait on the wrong side of the building so the shuttle had to lap around the block to come get us...? The entire process of getting to the terminal took so long that I MISSED the Jet Blue check in window and had to rebook (at a $50 expense) on their next flight, two hours later! On my return, I called @ 7:43pm to request a p/u at Terminal Three. I called again at 8:03 to ask for an ETA--at this point I was going to hop on the Hilton shuttle if I saw it since they are next door--and was told that the shuttle was nearby at Terminal One. Was finally 8:11pm when the shuttle pulled up.

  • Catherine M. June 23rd, 2015

    verified customer

    AIRPORTPARKINGRESERVATIONS is a great way to make parking reservations. What I don't like is the $5 surcharge for using this service. Luckily I was able to save either $5 or $3 that offset this charge. However, saving $ on the overall daily price helps too. Maybe sooner or later, the surcharge won't be necessary to encourage users to make reservations using this service. As to the coupon for future reservations, I wish that the special coupon code was good longer as I may not travel enough to take advantage of the coupon. Park Air Express was great! I like being able to park underground in the Park Air Express lot.

  • Kari K. June 22nd, 2015

    verified customer

    It was very convenient and went smoothly. The car wash was excellent and the attendants were very helpful and courteous.

  • Jacquelyn L. June 18th, 2015

    verified customer

    We always have a little trouble finding your entrance. We tend to turn into the hotel parking. But, we don't use your service on a constant basis, so forget!! We would not think about using anyone else. Your service has always been great.

  • Gilbert S. June 18th, 2015

    verified customer

    Will be back on the next scheduled trip. Great job by the welcoming staff, worth the money for the extra care as one would expect from a first class service. Parking spots were not jam packed as so many lots are, highly recommended!!

  • Homing Y. June 17th, 2015

    verified customer

    nicely done

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