Mega Airport Parking - Los Angeles International Airport LAX

11200 Hawthorne Blvd., Hawthorne , California 90304

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Distance from airport: 5 miles

Avg Shuttle Wait Time

10 - 15 minutes

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  • Distance from the Airport5 miles
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412 Reviews


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  • Special Feature

    • Free Cancellations
  • Price

    $800per day


Parking Options & Amenities

  • Car Care
  • Car Wash
  • Curbside
  • Customer Restrooms
  • Exterior Fence
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Newspaper
  • Handicap
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Security Cameras
  • Self Park
  • Valet

Arrival Info:

Once you arrive, please check in at the lobby.

Airport Transportation

We run shuttles to and from LAX every 10-15 mins 24 hours a day.

Operation Hours

Open 24 hours 7 days a week

Additional Information

Mega Airport Parking offers a convenient and competitively priced LAX parking service and a 24 hour a day shuttle service that runs every 10-15 minutes. The secure parking lot is monitored with security cameras. Free coffee and a newspaper are additional features of this parking service.  


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  • Mindy L. June 28th, 2016

    verified customer

    Reading a lot of reviews for several parking lots, I found most complaints come down to the shuttle service. Though I had my fears, I decided to use Mega Airport Parking for a 2 week stay. I allowed plenty of time arriving before my flight *in case* of shuttle delay - however, the shuttle service was prompt and efficient. I waited a few minutes after checking in, and the shuttle arrived at LAX within 15 minutes. When I came back, I gave them a call, and they were there to pick me up within 15 minutes as they had said. Car was waiting at the front of the lot, and I drove off. Car condition was fine, just dusty. I trusted that experience so much, I used them again a few weeks later for another 2 weeks out of town (which I had to extend, doing so easily over the phone). Shuttle service was also prompt on this visit. Would use them again for price and efficiency. I used to use LAX Lot C - and wouldn't say the distance matters much as you often wait for shuttles there as well, and have to park your own car and walk to it afterward. A side story: There was an incident on the ride back, where a woman was picked up at a different terminal than she had indicated, causing confusion for the driver. I do not think it was the driver's fault as he checked with the main office, and gave her a call (she was in the shuttle), she hung up on him claiming whoever was on the line didn't speak English (not true) - the woman was both confused and unnecessarily irritated, causing us all delay. I find that this driver was one of the friendlier staff I encountered at the lot, and it can also be rushing customer's faults that make a situation bad. Second note, it's not all smiles at the lot. A note to Mega Airport Parking - Though I didn't expect much, friendlier customer service can have a better lasting impression.

  • MARIA Q. June 27th, 2016

    verified customer

    They dont have the newest shuttles or the best location but my experience was a good one. I would definately recommend this lot.

  • ELIZABETH L. June 27th, 2016

    verified customer

    I was initially concerned when I saw the amount of cars and crowded conditions of the parking lot. But no problems at all. My shuttle drop off and pick up was hardly a wait, and my car was in good condition and ready to go when I returned. I'll be back!

  • HUGHEY R. June 25th, 2016

    verified customer

    drop off time was thirty minutes pass my time said they had to get gas, pick up time was forty minutes after I called for pickup.

  • Jennifer S. June 14th, 2016

    verified customer

    I called soon as we landed expecting a slight delay. I figured by time I finished baggage claim they should be there. The guy said 20 minutes. We went outside 15 minutes after figuring we had 5 minutes about 35 minutes passed and the shuttle that was supposed to pick us up said someone else took our spot so we had to wait. So I called and the guy who answered was just so rude. He said well you know there is traffic in the airport I said I understand that but it you say 20 minutes and we been out here for over 45 minutes close to a hour that's unacceptable. The driver was friendly once he arrived the guy called him and was talking about us on the cell phone. We were the only ones in the van. Once arriving the lot was crowded my mother's truck was pulled to the front of another truck. Her truck was absolutely filthy with dust and bird poop all over her truck. We are going to get it washed today to see if any damage was done to the truck. But the truck that was parked behind the shuttles blocked in but however he decided to curse at my mother for not moving her truck. While the attendant just stood there. After everyone got moved I explained to the attendant between the wait on the shuttle and the bird poop all over the truck. He said oh that's what you get in outdoor parking I said but you could've noticed all this and moved the truck rinsed down something so it doesn't eat the paint. He said oh well this is what it is your card was charged there's nothing you do except call corporate tomorrow. Obviously customer nor buying shuttle vans are there strong point. I highly don't recommend this place. Pay the little extra and go to wally park or hotel nearby it is completely not worth the stress after a long flight.

  • Guillermina H. June 13th, 2016

    verified customer

    All was very good. Our car was waiting for us. All we had to do was get out of the shuttle van and into our car. The process was very quick and easy. As mentioned before the van could have been cleaner.

  • Alvin D. June 11th, 2016

    verified customer

    Good service. Good value. Will consider using it again in the future.

  • David M. June 10th, 2016

    verified customer

    It's a place to oark your car at a great price.

  • Eric G. June 8th, 2016

    verified customer

    I checked in at night and the staff was helpful and prompt, when I returned I called for pickup and was told to call back once I had my luggage. Called back 15 minutes later and had to wait for an hour to be picked up. Lady on the phone was not professional and even stopped answering my calls when asking where the driver was.

  • Karey B. June 8th, 2016

    verified customer

    Staff should be friendly in this line of work and they'd get better tipping, win win for all.....I return for the lowest price and safety of my vehicle

  • Nicolas D. June 7th, 2016

    verified customer

    No problems, stress free parking.

  • Cynthia F. June 2nd, 2016

    verified customer

    Price was fair, easy to get to and staff was nice. Just pick up was very poor. Called at 7:30pm and got to car at 8:30pm on a Tuesday

  • YiHsuan L. June 1st, 2016

    verified customer

    The shuttle is old, but they have good service and the price is cheap, don't need to wait the shuttle for a long time I will choice this parking lot next time.

  • Anne C. June 1st, 2016

    verified customer

    They Zip you to the airport very quickly, and usually pick you up as fast. It's a crowded lot but they are very well organized and careful. On our return there was a 40mins wait because of traffic caused by an accident and they offered to pay for a taxi, but we just waited.

  • Norma S. June 1st, 2016

    verified customer

    I am very happy with the price and the service. I most definitely will park my car there again. I recommend this parking lot. Thank you 😀

  • Wesley B. June 1st, 2016

    verified customer

    My battery had died and I was very pleased they had jumped it and had the car waiting and running.

  • Lorna Mae T. N. May 31st, 2016

    verified customer

    It was great having our car ready and waiting for us to return from the airport. It was very efficient.

  • David L. May 30th, 2016

    verified customer

    We used this company Three times now and it's been excellent every time! Thank you

  • Patricia C. May 30th, 2016

    verified customer

    Was very pleased and would definitely use them again!

  • Denise L. May 30th, 2016

    verified customer

    My flight landed at 3 p.m. I contacted the shuttle at 3:15 p.m. I did not get picked up till 4:10 p.m.

1-20 of 412 Results