Hilton New Orleans Airport - Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport MSY

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Distance from airport: 0.5 miles


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  • Price

    $600per day

*Sales Tax - 8.75%

*City Parking Tax / Fee - 10.00%


Parking Options & Amenities

  • Car Care
  • Car Wash
  • Curbside
  • Customer Restrooms
  • Exterior Fence
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Newspaper
  • Handicap
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Security Cameras
  • Self Park
  • Valet

Arrival Info:

Please arrive 15-20 minutes before you wish to arrive at your airport terminal. Shuttle transportation to and from airport available upon demand. Upon arrival, check in at the front desk to be directed to an available space. The hotel will provide a shuttle to pick you up at your vehicle, if needed.

Airport Transportation

Shuttle service provided to and from your airport terminal. Upon arrival, check in at the front desk to be directed to an available space. The hotel will provide a shuttle to pick you up at your vehicle, if needed.

Operation Hours

Open 24 hours.

Additional Information

The Hilton New Orleans Airport Hotel operates a fantastic service at New Orleans Airport ensuring your vehicle is safe and secure, leaving you free to get on with the business of travel. They run a modern shuttle service which operates to all New Orleans Airport terminals and gates on demand. Our courteous and professional staff will provide excellent customer care and complimentary luggage assistance. Please arrive at The Hilton New Orleans Airport Hotel 15-20 minutes prior to the time you want to be at your airport terminal. After retrieving your luggage, call The Hilton New Orleans Hotel from either cell phone or from the transportation center for pick up. Pickup is at the Airport Transportation Center.


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  • Mary W. January 31st, 2014

    verified customer

    Thank you.

  • Jennifer H. January 29th, 2014

    verified customer

    Will use again!

  • Lance H. December 30th, 2013

    verified customer

    Need to be able to use your electronic receipt instead of a printed out copy.

  • McKenzi C. December 29th, 2013

    verified customer

    Convienent & easy!

  • Dennis B. December 29th, 2013

    verified customer


  • Susan H. December 28th, 2013

    verified customer

    Always always have I had nothing but first class treatment when dealing with your company. I feel secure in Knowing i am safe;should any unexpected issues arise. My last shuttle attendant was superb! Very respectful, knowledgeable and accomadating....(3 very heavy suitcases...) once again ....,,,,I will use your service.

  • David Z. December 18th, 2013

    verified customer

    Shuttle wait was almost 30 minutes - not acceptable. This is the first time in over 6 uses of the service where the wait was this long.

  • Andrew S. December 16th, 2013

    verified customer

    Parking lot could be more secure. Upon arriving at my car, there was a homeless individual lying in front of my car.

  • Gregory C. December 10th, 2013

    verified customer

    Parking at the Hilton is easy and cheap, we will definitely use them again on our next trip!

  • Lance H. December 10th, 2013

    verified customer

    Please find a way where you don't have to print out a copy of your receipt to be able to park. A lot easier if it was all electronic.

  • Briana D. December 9th, 2013

    verified customer

    After my plane landed, I immediately called the front desk to request a shuttle. The woman at the front desk informed me that the shuttle would be there in a "few minutes." After waiting for 10 minutes outside (in 40 degree windy weather), I called back and informed her that the shuttle had not arrived and I, along with 7 other people, were waiting. She repeated herself saying the shuttle would be there in a "few minutes." After 20 minutes and repeated phone calls from me and the other guests, I decided to call one last time. I asked to talk to her manager or someone else in charge, considering her "few minutes" description had actually turned into 20+ minutes. She informed me that there was no one I could talk to and "I would just have to wait." While waiting we saw every other van/shuttle come and go twice (Airport Shuttle, Double Tree, and several other hotel shuttles) which was great advertising for THEM. I would love to continue to do business from you; however, I overheard the other guests saying they would never use Hilton as a parking option again and unfortunately, I may have to agree. If your shuttle only runs every 30 minutes, perhaps you should advertise that so your customers are not mislead. Also, I did not appreciate a front desk clerk who had no idea where the shuttle was or what time it would be arriving. While the shuttle driver was very polite and courteous, at that point I was just irritated and upset. I hate to give such tough reviews (and I rarely do); however, this was simply unacceptable "service."

  • Claire M. December 4th, 2013

    verified customer

    The Hilton Parking was very easy to use & the most affordable for the convenience. Thank You!

  • Megan K. December 3rd, 2013

    verified customer

    Had to call twice for a shuttle at 12:30am. Also had to park outside the gates on the grass in an unsecured area.

  • Dale W. December 2nd, 2013

    verified customer

    need cheaper price

  • Heather Y. December 1st, 2013

    verified customer

    Very convenient, but expensive.

  • Cindy A. November 17th, 2013

    verified customer

    Great experience!

  • Jill K. November 12th, 2013

    verified customer

    Recommend instructing drivers to park in the general hotel parking and go to front desk for parking pass. DO NOT drive to the long term airport parking lot on the side of the hotel. Pre-paid reservations park in the general hotel parking lot and place a parking pass (provided by the front desk) on the dash board.

  • Kik S. November 11th, 2013

    verified customer

    The lot is totally unsecured. There is no differentiation between "parkers" and other hotel guest parking making it difficult for security to place focus on long term parked cars (most susceptible to theft/burglary/vandalism. The parking area is right next to the street/sidewalk where passersby--potential thieves who walk the same route every day--could notice that a car had been sitting there for several days making it a target.

  • Michaela M. November 10th, 2013

    verified customer

    Directions as to where to park were unclear. Different employees gave me conflicting information as to where to park, etc. So I ended up doing a lot of walking around the site, some of it with quite a bit of heavy luggage. When I returned home, I was trapped in the lot and uncooperative employees would not lift the electronic gate unless I provided a hotel room key, which of course I did not have. I am not a satisified customer.

  • Glen O. R. November 10th, 2013

    verified customer

    We had a dead battery and they came out and got us on our way. Not many paring lots would have that kind of customer service. We will defiantly use The Hilton to park at next time we leave town !!

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