Charlie Brown's Airport Parking - Pittsburgh Airport PIT

600 Flaugherty Run Road, Coraopolis, Pennsylvania 15108

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Distance from airport: 3.9 miles

Avg Shuttle Wait Time

less than 5 minutes

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  • Distance from the Airport3.9 miles
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624 Reviews


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  • Valet

  • Days

  • Special Feature

    • Free Cancellations
  • Price

    $600per day

*Airport Access Fee - $4.00 total

*Parking Tax - 11.50%


Parking Options & Amenities

  • Car Care
  • Car Wash
  • Curbside
  • Customer Restrooms
  • Exterior Fence
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Newspaper
  • Handicap
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Security Cameras
  • Self Park
  • Valet

Arrival Info:

Please arrive at Charlie Brown's Airport Parking 15 minutes prior to the time you want to be at your airport terminal.

Airport Transportation

Immediate free transportation provided to and from the airport 24 hours per day.

Operation Hours

Open 24 hours per day.

Additional Information

Charlie Brown's airport parking and valet service for Pittsburgh International is a great alternative to on-airport parking. Your car will be securely stored within our fenced parking area leaving you to enjoy your travel worry free. You'll be able to take advantage of our modern shuttle service to and from PIT airport 24/7 and enjoy a warm welcome and excellent service from our professional and friendly staff. We'll deliver a car clear of snow and ice, warmed up and ready to go!


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  • Serena C. January 8th, 2015

    I love this place! When flying from warmer climes back to Pennsylvania winters, Charlie Brown's Airport Parking is great! I use the courtesy phones by baggage claim #6, and the van was there in no time. I usually leave my winter coat in my car, and change into my lightweight jacket, as the van is warm. Then when I come back to PA, my car, and winter coat are "preheated". The only downside is that I didn't know I had to get off the Flaugherty Road exit from the highway. A few signs along the way would be nice. I don't understand why people are complaining about the office staff--- I've never had a problem. Are they on the correct page?

  • Sandi G. December 31st, 2014

    Excellent!!!! Even asked for ID before accepting my credit card. Car was warming up. Very pleased with them!!!

  • Claudia S. December 19th, 2014

    Going on Disney vacation with Son, his wife and 2 little boys 3 & 6. I made a reservation at Charlie Brown. After a long 5 days with 2 sick little boys, flight was delayed 3 hrs. Finally got back into Pittsburgh, at baggage, texted Charlie Brown as instructed... Got on bus. Driver was very friendly. I tell my son and daughter in law, who are holding 2 sick sleeping children, they are really good here, the car will be parked out front and nice and warm. Back to parking, now its 11 pm and 20 degrees.... car is still sitting in lot cold .... go inside to pay... tell cashier I was surprised car wasnt started and warm like everyone elses... Without even looking up, she said, did you send a text? I replied we had ... she said, did you get a reply? I said no... she shrugged her shoulders and said thats why. Never said I'm sorry, not a look, nothing.... I hope if she doesnt own this business, her bosses give her a refresher in being polite to customers. If she does own this business... well, sorry for your drivers because they are wonderful and will be losing future customers and tips because of you. All that was needed was a little bit of a apology or eye to eye contact.... Cashier is burned out and needs to be retrained or replaced. I too, work a customer service/tourist based business... I understand its tiring dealing with customers all day, but I take pride in being good at my job... if I treated customers like you, well I would be looking for another job. I have parked here several times and the drivers service is wonderful. Next time, going to try the guys right down the street.

  • Arshad S. October 6th, 2014

    Excellent service. Would highly recommend it.

  • Donna S. August 21st, 2014

    Disappointing at best!

  • Paul L. August 20th, 2014

    verified customer

    When I got home I received 28 emails from you each was the same except for the code offering a discount. This was overkill. One was enough.

  • Michael B. August 15th, 2014

    verified customer

    Need to have designated spots where each car shuttle company pulls to the curb. When there is to many people you are in one area and the next shuttle bus goes to a different spot. You may be there three times moving from place to place to get a shuttle. Later people seem to get preference. Need to have a established spot with a line area.

  • Jason O. August 14th, 2014

    verified customer

    The service was outstanding! I text messaged the service after picking up my luggage, and within 10 minutes the driver was there. I arrive to find my car waiting for me at the front of the lot! GREAT SERVICE!!! A+++ I'll be using Charlie Brown more often!

  • Sherry J. August 13th, 2014

    verified customer

    Great way to find parking!

  • Geoffrey H. August 11th, 2014

    verified customer

    Excellent operation!

  • Penny B. August 11th, 2014

    verified customer

    Great Service Always!

  • Robert P. August 11th, 2014

    verified customer

    Delivery to the airport 7 am and Pick-up after a delayed 2am arrival went smoothly.

  • Robert T. August 10th, 2014

    verified customer

    Very Satisfied.

  • Jessica I. August 10th, 2014

    verified customer

    The shuttle service was fast and easy. While away, I forgot some bills in the car and they called with the amount and bill. My car was ready when I returned with the windows even rolled down. Great service!!

  • Karen H. August 10th, 2014

    verified customer

    I thought everything was very organized and timely. Although, I think someone was smoking in my car--which you may want to bring this to the attention of your attendants--as I am a non-smoker and noticed this!!!!!

  • Kayla M. August 7th, 2014

    verified customer

    Everyone we encountered seemed to be in a bad mood; gruff and irritated. The service did exactly what was expected of it, but it would have been nice not to feel like we were inconveniencing the workers with our patronage.

  • John S. August 5th, 2014

    verified customer

    we appreciate your fast and efficient service. Keep up the good work

  • Randall M. August 4th, 2014

    verified customer

    Outstanding service on both ends of the trip by office and driving personnel. It's a pleasure to see something work so well.

  • Todd H. July 30th, 2014

    verified customer

    prompt service

  • Carlotta S. July 30th, 2014

    verified customer

    Parking at Charlie Brown parking is fast, easy and convenient !! Would recommend to everyone!!

1-20 of 624 Results