Burlingame Airport Parking - San Francisco Airport SFO

620 Airport Blvd., Burlingame, California 94010

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Distance from airport: 3 miles

Avg Shuttle Wait Time

5 - 10 minutes

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  • Distance from the Airport3 miles
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578 Reviews


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    $1000per day

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Parking Options & Amenities

  • Car Care
  • Car Wash
  • Curbside
  • Customer Restrooms
  • Exterior Fence
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Newspaper
  • Handicap
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Security Cameras
  • Self Park
  • Valet

Arrival Info:

Please arrive with ample time prior to the time you want to be at your airport terminal (located 3 miles to/from SFO). Upon arrival, park your vehicle in an available slot and proceed to the shuttle bus pick-up area. The shuttle runs every 20 minutes starting at 4:00 AM. Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront Hotel/Embassy Suite Hotel / Burlingame Parking shuttle.

Airport Transportation

Pick-up and drop-off are in the same area. The shuttle will pick you up on the Upper Level Departure Area, Center Island, at the Hotel Shuttle Curb. The shuttle will be designated as Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront Hotel / Embassy Suite / Burlingame Airport shuttle. Continuous shuttle service to and from the San Francisco Airport - Every 20 Minutes between 4am – 12:40AM. For after hour pick up at the Airport between 12:40AM and 4:00am, you will need to contact the parking lot attendant (650 340 8500) to arrange a pickup for you. If you have prepaid some of your balance, please drive over to the Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront Hotel and see a desk agent for further assistance. For personal assistance after hours you may also call 650-340-8500.

Operation Hours

Open 24 hours.

Additional Information

Burlingame Airport Parking (BAP) offers reduced rates when you book on AirportParkingReservations.com!

Burlingame Parking is conveniently located just off Highway 101 with convenient access to SFO International Airport. BAP offers free transportation to and from the airport on modern shuttle buses which run approximately every 20 minutes. Look for the Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront hotel shuttle as BAP shares shuttle service with the adjacent Hilton hotel. A handicapped shuttle service is available upon advance request. Burlingame Airport Parking uses an automated check out system that accepts cash or credit cards. If help is needed there is a RED call button available at the exit gate.

Please arrive at BAP in ample time prior to the time you want to arrive at the SFO terminals. Upon arrival, park your vehicle in an available space and proceed to the shuttle bus pick-up area. Once you return to SFO please wait for the Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront hotel shuttle at the Hotel Shuttle Bus pick-up area located on the upper level (departure level). The first scheduled shuttle pickup at SFO will arrive at approximately 4:30 am.  The last scheduled pickup at SFO will arrive at approximately 12:30 am. Schedule pickup times are at approximately 20 minute intervals between 4:30 am and 12:30 am.  For after hours pick up at the Airport (between 12:30 am and 4:30 am) you will need to contact a parking/hotel representative at 650-340-8500 to arrange a pickup.


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  • Rebecca H. August 31st, 2015

    verified customer

    We did not have any shuttle problems on the day of departure but we did have a problem on return home. We waited over an hour and called the office who told us the shuttle was running 15 min late because of accident on freeway but that driver was taking back roads. We waited for over an hour & also kept calling. At some point we were told by person answering phone at Hilton that they could not get a hold of the driver! We decided to catch Uber at that point (first time for Uber & had to down load app). We were reimbursed for the ride to the parking lot/Hilton. However, I thought we got charged 15.00 for Uber ride but it turns out the ride was $25.00. We only got reimbursed for 15.00 . It was a long night!

  • Janet E. August 31st, 2015

    verified customer

    No parking lot attendants were available. Check out at hotel was easy but there were no clear directions in parking lot.

  • Frank C. A. August 30th, 2015

    verified customer

    We waited almost 45 minutes for the shuttle pick up at the airport. Totally unacceptable when other companies came by multiple times while we waited.

  • Mike T. August 28th, 2015

    verified customer

    I forgot the name of the parking lot when I arrived after a couple of weeks. I had my parking card. On the card is no name for the lot nor is there a phone number. That's bad. Shuttle wait time to go to airport was excellent. Returning to Parking area was poor and my fault since I forgot the parking lot name. I had two buses pass me since I didn't know which one to select.

  • Joanne B. August 26th, 2015

    verified customer

    There is no parking lot attendant. My direction said to pay the parking lot attendant. It should have said when you come back you need to pay at the front desk of the Hilton. This was confusing. Luckily the shuttle driver was very helpful.

  • Joanita B. August 26th, 2015

    verified customer

    I will never use this parking service again. I don't understand why I watched all of the other shuttle services pass by terminal 1 within 5 to 10 min. and yours didn't pass in 20. To make a long story short, I ended up on the wrong shuttle. You need more shuttles. It is not worth the stress to pay a couple of dollars less. You want me to complete this survey by answering your questions, if I never got on your shuttle how can I do that.

  • Del B. August 26th, 2015

    verified customer

    there was no parking lot attendant. Credit card would not work in payment machine. No one answered help call button. Could not use may coupons.

  • Nicholas M. August 22nd, 2015

    verified customer

    waited 30 minutes for Hilton shuttle at SFO terminal 2 and decided to take a $20.00 cab to parking lot; not part of the deal.

  • Paula T. August 18th, 2015

    verified customer

    I recommend it.

  • Susan M. August 16th, 2015

    verified customer

    Unfortunately, the area is not signposted clearly. It is difficult to figure out where to pick up the shuttle. There are NO parking lot attendants and the phone at the pick up spot did not work at all. We waited at a sheltered pick up spot for over 30 minutes and then proceeded to the front of the Hilton and found other people who said that the shuttle will pick up at the Lobby entrance. Also, verbal or written directions upon pick up of the vehicle would be great. The clerk gave no instructions as to where the exit was after paying inside at the front desk. This lack of information makes it very confusing and frustrating to people who want to go home after a long trip!

  • Roger L. August 14th, 2015

    verified customer

    Did not rate parking lot attendants because there are none. You just park and wait for a shuttle to arrive.

  • Lynn L. August 12th, 2015

    verified customer


  • Haruo Y. August 11th, 2015

    verified customer

    First time user confusing as to how your system works. In the dark 0430 was not sure where/how to get to locales, i.e. waiting area after parking car. On return, would be nice to have been taken to the car instead of walking there w/luggage in tow. We were offered help, but short distance or not - system was not clear as to how to get to car to retrieve, elevator was "out of order."

  • Tracy W. August 11th, 2015

    verified customer

    Parking is much better now that you can pay at the Hilton Hotel. However, the shuttle service still is not up to par. If you are in a hurry, plan ahead!

  • Adwait S. August 11th, 2015

    verified customer

    I usually use the Anza parking site, and I tried this on a whim. I made a mistake and I will start using Anza again. While I was waiting for the shuttle bus to take me to the airport, I saw two Anza shuttles leave for the airport. And then the shuttle made a stop at Embassy Suites. Thats too much of a delay for $1/day price difference.

  • Jacques M. August 10th, 2015

    verified customer

    There are two things working against this parking lot: (1) the frequency of the shuttle service - for every single time this shuttle arrives, the other shuttles arrive 3 to 4 times; and (2) the fact that, upon arrival, one has to go to the Hilton Hotel counter first (where there is typically another 5 to 10 minute line) to pay the balance. These two items add about 20 to 30 minutes to trip that one would save by using another parking lot like Anza.

  • James H. August 5th, 2015

    verified customer

    The ticket machine wasn't working when I arrived at the entrance to the parking lot and had to call the offices to have and engineer come out and fix the unit. the process of having to pay online and then stand in line and pay again at the Hilton lobby is not efficient and a frustrating process after traveling.

  • MaryFrances F. August 5th, 2015

    verified customer

    My experience at the beginning of my trip was very good, but my rating is 1 star because of my experience at the end. I waited more than 45 minutes for the shuttle (the reservation says there is a shuttle every 20 mins). I felt extremely bad for our shuttle driver, who was doing his best and being very courteous in spite of everything on a very busy night at the airport. Then, the payment at the parking lot exit gate has been automated; there's no human at the gate to read your reservation confirmation. The only way to pay only the remaining amount due on your reservation is to drive over to the adjacent hotel, go upstairs to the lobby, and find a human to read your receipt. These extra steps are not obvious at the lot. The fine print on the reservation confirmation outlines these steps, but only for after-hours--it's not obvious that you have to follow these steps any time you are departing this lot. Directions to the lobby from the parking lot are not well marked. I am not going to use this lot again.

  • Leslie R. August 2nd, 2015

    verified customer

    Confusing on how to exit upon my return.

  • Katherine J. July 31st, 2015

    verified customer

    Appreciated the prompt after hours service

1-20 of 578 Results