Baymont Inn & Suites Charlotte-Airport Coliseum - Charlotte Douglas International Airport CLT

3101 Scott Futrell Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina 28208

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Distance from airport: 2.8 miles

Avg Shuttle Wait Time

10 - 15 minutes

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  • Distance from the Airport2.8 miles
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24 Reviews


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    • Free Cancellations
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    $400per day


Parking Options & Amenities

  • Car Care
  • Car Wash
  • Curbside
  • Customer Restrooms
  • Exterior Fence
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Newspaper
  • Handicap
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Security Cameras
  • Self Park
  • Valet

Arrival Info:

Check in with the hotel front desk before parking your car.

Airport Transportation

The shuttle runs 15 minutes after every hour, 24/7. Waiting time average usually 5-10 mins.

Operation Hours


Additional Information

If you are looking for great off-airport parking then check out Baymont Inn & Suites Charlotte Airport parking service. It offers great rates and is only a few minutes away from CLT! The hotel provides complimentary shuttle services that takes you to and from the airport as well.


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  • Janice M. November 15th, 2016

    verified customer

    Getting to the airport was ok. Returning we called 4 times, waited one hour and finally the hotel shuttle from Springhill Hotel offered to take us to Baymont and we gladly accepted. We will not be using them again.

  • Joan B. October 25th, 2016

    verified customer

    Wait time for return pickup was too long, greater than 30 minutes. Had to call twice for shuttle.

  • Simon S. October 23rd, 2016

    verified customer

    Easy to get to Clients if hotel seem to be residents

  • Lynn S. October 10th, 2016

    verified customer

    Very little wait time. Overall... excellent service.

  • Karen G. September 27th, 2016

    verified customer

    I called and requested a pickup at the airport. The Baymont reception desk said a van would be right there (only 1.6 mile distance). Twenty minutes later -- no pickup. I called again and the receptionist said she would check on the van and it should be right there. Fifteen minutes later the van arrives to pick up someone else for the other hotel -- he never received the request from the Baymont to pick us up at the airport. The delay in pickup caused us to hit rush hour traffic as we left Charlotte. We were very upset with the service.

  • John R. September 20th, 2016

    verified customer

    good service , excellent prices, close to airport

  • Alison W. August 10th, 2016

    verified customer

    Found this to be ideal for me, particularly because the driver was so helpful with luggage and pleasant.

  • Russell S. July 26th, 2016

    verified customer

    Used this before and will use it again

  • Larry H. July 18th, 2016

    verified customer

    Allow some time on each end of your flight for rides to and from airport. About a 1/2 hour wait for each.

  • Phillip S. July 9th, 2016

    verified customer

    The price is excellent and the staff very friendly. Be aware that there are additional forms to complete so give yourself some extra time. The shuttle wait to go to the airport was minimal because the driver was available even though they only run one per hour, theoretically. The pick-up from the airport was over 45 minutes from the first of two calls. They said the shuttle was on its way both times (its a five to seven minute trip max) when it was not. I would have preferred them to simply be honest about the time it would take and I could have saved myself from standing outside in the excessive heat and humidity. Be aware that one shuttle covers two hotels and it is a minivan so any more than five people plus bags are not going to be taken on the first run.

  • Samuel M. July 2nd, 2016

    verified customer

    Upon our return we waited at the designated pick up point for about 15 minutes. We could not get on the first shuttle as the throng surged forward as the shuttle arrived. The 2nd shuttle was the same. On the third shuttle I got my bag loaded only to find that now others had piled into the van leaving me no room to sit. My wife was in so I tossed her the keys so she could return to the airport to pick me up. I saw another group that also got their bags loaded but had no place to sit. They had to get their bags back and wait. The drivers exert no control as to whom gets in the van regardless of whether or not they lodd the customers bags or how long anyone else has waited, My last experience with your company was also unsatisfactory having to do with paying basically double what I should have. I chalked that up to a learning experience and moved forward. But this time I've had it. I'll not use your service again.

  • Judy D. June 27th, 2016

    verified customer

    Shuttle driver was courteous

  • Edward C. June 12th, 2016

    verified customer

    1st shuttle arrived after 15 minutes. A family pushed by us and completely occupied the undersize mini-van, we had to wait until the driver returned to pick us up, a total of about 40 minutes. Suggestions: Customers should board according to the time they called. First called first served. A minivan is way too small, minimum size should have been a 15 pass. van. The parking area was not very secure, adjacent to a major highway with no fence. After giving the driver a description of our vehicle, he said he hoped it wasn't our car that was damaged in the lot, a few moments later he said it was a joke. After traveling 5 time zones and up for 20 hours and facing another 1 to drive home, his humor was not appreciated.

  • Wilfredo C. June 2nd, 2016

    verified customer

    will use it again

  • Lavonne W. May 15th, 2016

    verified customer

    Checking in at the hotel was very fast. They told us where to park the car. We waited about 5 minutes for the shuttle to take us to the airport. On the return trip we ended up waiting about 45 minutes for the pick up.

  • Judy M. May 15th, 2016

    verified customer

    Will use them again.

  • LARRY C. April 13th, 2016

    verified customer

    Movement of luggage was a plus.

  • Russell H S. March 23rd, 2016

    verified customer

    Thanks for a great experience and a safe place to park our car

  • Michael H. January 16th, 2016

    verified customer

    I had to wait 50 minutes for the shuttle when I arrived at the airport. I waited until I cleared Baggage claim, made my call - she said 15 minutes, and it was 50!! I called to inquire and got the run-around. I almost hired a cab to take me to get my car! NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • Arup R. January 12th, 2016

    verified customer

    Near to Airport, easy, safe.

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