Americas Best Value Airport Inn - Seattle-Tacoma International Airport SEA

20620 International Blvd, Seatac, Washington 98198

(218 reviews)

Distance from airport: 3.4 miles

Avg Shuttle Wait Time

5 - 10 minutes

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  • Distance from the Airport3.4 miles
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218 Reviews


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  • Valet

  • Days

  • Special Feature

    • Free Cancellations
  • Price

    $599per day
  • Self

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  • Special Feature

    • Free Cancellations
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    $599per day

*Airport Access Fee - $6.00 total

*Sales Tax - 9.50%


Parking Options & Amenities

  • Car Care
  • Car Wash
  • Curbside
  • Customer Restrooms
  • Exterior Fence
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Newspaper
  • Handicap
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Security Cameras
  • Self Park
  • Valet

Arrival Info:

Please arrive at America's Best Value Airport Inn & Airport Parking 15 minutes prior to the time you want to be on the shuttle - shuttle leaves every 30 minutes. Please check-in at the front desk upon arrival and pay in advance. You will be directed to a parking space.

Airport Transportation

Free Shuttle runs 24 hours on the half hour - luggage assistance.

Operation Hours

Open 24 hours.

Additional Information

America's Best Value Airport Inn & Airport Parking - SEA offer great parking close to Seattle Airport. Trusted and reliable operators, they provide a convenient and economical alternative to on-airport parking. They provide shuttle transportation to and from the airport, all you need to do is check in at the front desk upon arrival. Please arrive at America's Best Value Airport Inn & Airport Parking 15 minutes prior to the time you want to be at your airport terminal - shuttle leaves every 30 minutes. Please check-in at the front desk upon arrival and pay in advance. You will be directed to a parking space. Upon check-in, you will receive information on how to contact the shuttle. Dial #64 from the airport courtesy phone. Please go to outside baggage claim at the courtesy shuttle area.


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  • Sandra L C. July 21st, 2015

    verified customer

    This is a strange place, a hotel in a kinda scary neighborhood. There was only one person working - checking people in and driving us to the airport. The van was late taking us, and we waited over 35 minutes for the van to pick us up on return. The price is right if you don't mind the wait. Me, I like to go home when I return from travel.

  • Daniel S. July 14th, 2015

    verified customer

    we had to wait a full 1 hour before being picked up. We were not happy at all with this. You were under staffed when you knew what time our flight came in. We gave you the exact time and were not able to service us according to your promise. We felt sorry for your employee who was trying to do two jobs!

  • R A. July 8th, 2015

    verified customer

    worst experience ever

  • Murray H. July 4th, 2015

    verified customer

    Have used America's best several times. Always had prompt service.

  • Philip D. July 1st, 2015

    verified customer

    The only good thing about this place was the price, but you get what you pay for. The shuttle wait time was atrocious. They said 20 minutes but it was more like 30 minutes. Just after they said 20 minutes I saw a shuttle passing by but he didn't see us waving our hands. Everything else was mediocre on average. Not the worst but pretty close to it.

  • Michael B. June 30th, 2015

    verified customer

    We have used your services before and will use them again.

  • Chris L. June 21st, 2015

    verified customer

    The driver when I dropped of the car was so overworked he fell asleep standing up trying to check me. I thought he was having a seizure and called 911. That is when he tells me this happens when he forgets to sleep. Then guest of the hotel offer to drive me to the airport. Being stuck I said yes. Fortunately they were good people and I made my flight. When I called that evening to make sure my car was checked in a the attendant was okay person on the phone was very abrupt and said he just forgot to sleep. Then when I returned I had to call four time to get someone to answer, then it took them over 30 minutes to get a shuttle to pick me. The driver was great, the attendant at the hotel was rude to me and the other passenger. I will definitely be looking for another place to park for my next trip in .

  • Timothy P. June 18th, 2015

    verified customer

    My battery was dead when I returned, and Chris provided me exceptional support to get my car up and running, he removed the good battery from the shuttle van, used it to start my car and then reinstalled my battery. I cant tell you how grateful I was, and his attitude was very positive . Thank you Chris

  • JOAQUIN A. June 15th, 2015

    verified customer

    How can you possibly allow your driver to ask for tips, we the public don't appreciate drivers on the phone while driving, he was on the phone when we left to the airport and when coming back, I very much doubt he was talking business, since it seemed he was talking to his wife or girlfriend on the way to airport and on the way back also Spanish a language I have been speaking since I was 2 years, and it is a violation of the law since he is driving the from the general population. Had he been in an accident I would have been the first to tell the police he was constantly on the phone...TIPS ARE ONLY WHEN YOU DO A BETTER THAN GOOD JOB, that is why incase you didn't know TIPS is an acronym for To...Insure...Prompt...Service. drivers that are on the phone is reason I will never do business with you, or recommend.

  • Jaime K. June 14th, 2015

    verified customer

    The staff was very friendly and helpful.

  • Cynthia F. June 11th, 2015

    verified customer

    Disgusted - had to wait over an hour after being told a drop off was being made and they would be turning around immediately. The lot is a 6 minute drive from the airport.

  • Svetlana K. May 31st, 2015

    verified customer

    I use this location for years, and found it worth the money.

  • Barry G. May 28th, 2015

    verified customer

    The parking lot attendant who was on duty around 4:00 AM on 5/19/15 was extremely rude, telling me that he was about to take the shuttle to the airport when I arrived, as if it was my fault! He indicated that I might have to wait until he got back to take care of my reservation. He seemed very rushed and frustrated that I and then several other people in one party were showing up just when he had to take the van to the airport. It was only because I had parked my car myself that he took me. The parking lot attendant who took care of me when I returned on 5/28/15 at about 1:30 AM was much more polite and helpful.

  • Jean B. May 22nd, 2015

    verified customer

    We give high marks for parking here. Arriving back at SeaTac the shuttle was already there. We flagged him down & were off. Couldn't ask for anything better than that.

  • JOEL W. May 19th, 2015

    verified customer

    Reservation was okay, America Best was very slow, 45 minute wait on pick-up will not be usig them again.

  • Gerhard M. May 7th, 2015

    verified customer

    safe parking lot. waiting for pick up at the hotel 2 min. waiting time for pick up at the airport 50 min, had to call 3 times the office.....

  • Renae G. April 30th, 2015

    verified customer

    Parking was very convenient and I will use this service again in the future

  • Randy L. April 7th, 2015

    verified customer

    Good service to and from the airport.

  • Feiwen W. April 3rd, 2015

    verified customer

    We waited for 45 minutes in the airport before being picked up. On our first call, we were told to wait 15-20 minutes. We made the 2nd call after waited for 35 minutes, but were told the driver was in the airport, he didn't see anyone so he went back to the hotel. When the driver arrived, he told us that when he got onto his shift, he was told to come to the airport as soon as possible because the other driver was having dinner and couldn't come, and that's why we had to wait for 45 minutes. Can't trust this service again!

  • Nancy K. March 29th, 2015

    verified customer

    The shuttle service was great was right there for drop off and pick up no waiting. Driver helped with luggage and was friendly

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