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McCarran (LAS) Airport Guide

Address: 5757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Killing Time at the McCarran Las Vegas Airport

Most people prefer to spend as little time in an airport as possible. Airports are hectic, and sometimes the price of a small snack can run at the same cost as a meal would in an upscale restaurant. However, if you are a traveler, there is simply no way to avoid the inevitable, and at some point you will find yourself in an airport with some time to kill and a few extra bucks to spend.

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

If you're a gambling man, and there's a good chance you are if you're in Las Vegas, it would be a smart bet to call that your flight is going to be delayed. The worst part of the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas is that over a third of flights in the afternoon and evening are delayed. A delayed flight plus the hangover that you most likely have from your late night Sin City escapades can be a tough pill to swallow. Add in the raucous crowd floating through the airport that Vegas attracts, and you may feel compelled to hitch a bus back home instead to avoid all the chaos. However, lucky for you, the McCarran Airport provides plenty of leisure options to make your wait time fly by.

Something For Everyone

The best part of the McCarran Airport is that it does not solely cater to the gambling and drinking crowd that the city of Las Vegas is famous for. If you have had enough of the booze and can't stand to see another penny of your money gobbled up by a slot machine, consider checking out one of the more tranquil activities the airport has to offer. Your first stop should be at Terminal 1, Gate D, where you will find the XPress Spa. A relaxing massage awaits you as well as other services like facials, manicures, and pedicures are available to treat your battered body. And why stop there? Complete your pristine look with a shoeshine! The Mccarran Airport has four different locations which offer this service.

Culture In Vegas; Who Knew?

Most people don't come to Vegas to gain cultural insight, unless you count working your way through shots of alcohol imported from around the world. However, if you are looking for something interesting and culturally informative, check out the Howard C. Cannon Aviation Museum. The main exhibit area is located on the second floor, and displays the stories of commercial, general, and military aviation in the Las Vegas area. If the museum leaves you wanting more opportunity for cultural appreciation, the airport always has several art exhibits on display that you can peruse through as well.

Feast For A King

If you've been surviving off a liquid diet all weekend and need some real substance in your stomach, the Mccarran Airport has an endless amount of dining options to choose from. One great place to check out is the Las Vegas Chophouse and Brewery, where you can treat yourself like a king for just a little longer by feasting on crab cakes, filet mignon, or sirloin steak.

Your Last Hurrah

Well, it's about time for your flight, and you’re rummaging through your bag to make sure you have everything, when you come across an extra wad of cash in your pants pocket that you'd forgotten about. If you still have a little desire left in you to gamble, the Mccarran Airport has hundreds of slot machines to give you your final fix. Just don't forget about your flight!
Hopefully this article leaves you with a little less dread for your journey. Happy travels!

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