Airport Drive, Oakland, California, 94621

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Data

Airport Code OAK Elevation 9 ft
Address Airport Drive Distance From Nearest City 4 mi
City Oakland Latitude / Longitude 37.711985 / -122.212099
State California Scheduled Annual Operations 117,457
Zipcode 94621 2010 Enplanements 4,563,354
Owner Port Of Oakland 2009 Enplanements 4,564,804
Phone Number (510) 577-5812 Increase or Decrease 0.0%


The Airport

Oakland International Airport serves the East Bay area and is one of three international airports in the surrounding San Francisco Bay area. It is the closest airport to almost half of the residents living in the San Francisco Bay area and is a popular alternative to San Francisco International Airport. Oakland International Airport is around 4 and a half miles away from the business district of the city of Oakland, and it is served by both major and low-cost airlines. Every year, the airport deals with an estimated 9.5 million passengers and it has got four runways. The airport offers direct and connecting flights to destinations across the US, including Hawaii.

Oakland Airport Parking


Do you need advice and tips on Oakland International Airport parking? One top tip is to work out your parking needs before you travel so you can be certain of getting what you need. It also helps if you decide between off-site and on-site parking, as these are the two main categories available. So, what are your options for off-site parking? The good news for people flying out of OAK is that there are lots of off-site parking lots within 3 miles of the airport. One tip would be to look at the services they offer to see which matches your needs. For instance, they all allow you to state how long you want to park for and to guarantee your parking by reserving your space in advance. They also all offer a free airport shuttle transfer to get you to the terminal for your flight. But do you want other services, too? Some off-site lots, for instance, also offer services such as valet parking, handicap parking, car care and car wash. Parking off-site can often help you save money. But what about on-site parking? What choices do you have for this? One tip for drivers picking up passengers from the airport is to use the free cell phone lot to wait in. If you need to park, there is hourly parking, daily parking and economy parking. You can get from the economy and daily parking lots and the passenger terminal by using the airport shuttle bus that runs frequently throughout the day. If you want other services, you can also find valet parking and handicap parking spaces at the airport.

Oakland Airport Transportation


How about some ground transportation tips and advice? After all, not everyone drives to the airport. Plus, Oakland Airport is fairly popular with tourists, who naturally need some way of getting around. One popular option is to rent a car, which you can do from the Rental Car Center near the airport. There’s a shuttle service between the terminals and the RCC and travelers should have plenty of choice when they arrive. There is also a bus that can take passengers between the airport terminal and Oakland Airport Station, where you’ll be able to find more transport options. You could also choose to hire a taxi or limo to take you to your final destination. Tourists and other travelers might also like to use an OAK airport shuttle service. With the option to arrange to be picked up and dropped off at many different locations, airport shuttles can be very convenient. Plus, if you choose a shared-ride shuttle, it will help to keep your costs down while still providing you with a top service.

Oakland Airport Hotels


In terms of OAK airport hotels, one tip is to book your accommodation in advance. This is especially important at busy times of the year. It’s also worth looking at the different hotels available; there is plenty less than 1 mile from the airport, as well as many more within 6.5 miles, which offer some great services. It’s a good idea to choose a hotel with an airport shuttle service, or else you can arrange your own shuttle. Popular hotel amenities include internet access and swimming pools.

Oakland Airport Terminals

There are two passenger terminals at Oakland International Airport, known as terminals 1 and 2. They are connected so passengers on connecting flights don’t have to re-enter the security check. Within the passenger terminals, you can expect to find services and amenities such as internet access, a business center, food and drink outlets, shops and information points. An Oakland Airport terminal map is to the right.


Oakland International Airport has an impressive array of services. It is a popular alternative to SFO and is well known for having very high on-time arrival figures.