1 Brewster Road, Newark, New Jersey, 07201

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Data

Airport Code EWR Elevation 18 ft
Address 1 Brewster Road Distance From Nearest City 3 mi
City Newark Latitude / Longitude 40.684855 / -74.189067
State New Jersey Scheduled Annual Operations 264,706
Zipcode 07201 2010 Enplanements 10,890,139
Owner Port Authority Of Ny & Nj 2009 Enplanements 11,360,934
Phone Number (973) 623-0006 Increase or Decrease -4.1%

The Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport is located in the state of New Jersey, but its proximity to Manhattan means that it serves both New Jersey and New York. It is only 16 miles from mid-town Manhattan and is one of the busiest airports in the United States, with a wide range of domestic and international flights leaving every day. It serves around 33 million passengers every year and has three long runways, making it a hub of air travel in the US.

Newark Airport Parking

As you would expect with such a large, busy airport, passengers flying out of EWR have a wide range of Newark airport parking options to choose from. These include both on-airport parking at Newark Libery Airport and at independently managed off-site lots, depending on the needs of travelers. In terms of on-airport parking at EWR, Newark Liberty Airport offers handicap parking for people with disabilities as well as daily parking, economy parking, short term parking or valet parking. If you want to drop off a passenger at Newark airport, then as there are no specific facilities for this, you are advised to park in the short term parking lot at EWR. Also, if you want long term parking at Newark Liberty Airport for more than 30 days, you will have to make special arrangements for this. If you prefer, there are multiple off-site parking lots serving Newark Liberty International Airport. These lots often offer significant discounts on their parking and the vast majority of them also offer a free shuttle bus to take passengers from the parking lot to the relevant airport terminal. You can reserve off-airport Newark Airport parking spaces online prior to your departure (use the search form above).

Newark Airport Transportation

There is a range of transport options serving Newark Liberty Airport for passengers. One option for travelling at the airport is the AirTrain. This is free to use at the airport and it also connects passengers to other rail facilities, which can take you into Manhattan and elsewhere from the Newark Liberty International Airport Train Station. There will be a charge if you want to do this. There are also other rail services including the New Jersey Transit and Amtrak. There are a range of airport shuttle services that can take passengers to and from EWR. This includes residential pick-up in the Newark area. One of the most cost effective methods is to choose a shared shuttle ride, but you could also choose a private van if you have a large party, or a towncar or even a limo if you prefer a private journey. There are multiple independent shuttle operators, as well as shuttles operated by hotels serving the airport. There are also taxi services available at Newark Liberty Airport, travelling to a range of popular destinations, notably Manhattan. You could also choose from one of several limousine companies serving the airport.

Newark Airport Hotels

If you are planning to stay in a hotel serving the airport, then you will have considerable choice in terms of the number of hotels and the facilities available. There are more than 15 hotels suitable for Newark within 5 miles of the airport and many more hotels also close by. The vast majority of these hotels offer a shuttle that can take you to the airport if you stayed overnight prior to your flight the next day. The hotels also offer a range of amenities, and many are located close to business districts in New Jersey, which can be useful for traveling businesspeople.

Newark Airport Terminals

There are three large passenger terminals at Newark Liberty International Airport, known as Terminals A, B and C. You can travel between them either by taking the AirTrain or, if you are traveling between terminals A and C, there is an airport shuttle bus that you can use. The terminals are laid out in a semi-circular pattern, with the on-airport parking facilities located in the middle of this. All three of the terminals feature passenger amenities, including food and drink, retail outlets, banking facilities and internet access among other things. You can also find passenger information and facilities such as lost and found. A Newark airport terminal map is to the right.


Newark Liberty International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States, and the onsite services as such are excellent. These include multiple parking choices, shuttle buses and other transportation as well all of the other amenities you expect from such a popular airport.