5600 Mannheim Road, Chicago, Illinois, 60666

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Data

Airport Code ORD Elevation 672 ft
Address 5600 Mannheim Road Distance From Nearest City 14 mi
City Chicago Latitude / Longitude 41.977072 / -87.904746
State Illinois Scheduled Annual Operations 542,726
Zipcode 60666 2010 Enplanements 27,007,611
Owner City Of Chicago 2009 Enplanements 26,058,041
Phone Number (773) 686-2200 Increase or Decrease 3.6%

The Airport

Chicago O’Hare International Airport is a very popular airport located in the northwest corner of Chicago, Illinois. With more than 64.4 million passengers travelling through the airport every year and seven operational runways, this airport is tasked with managing a high volume of flights. As you might expect from such a large, busy airport, there are lots of services available at Chicago O’Hare that travellers can make use of. If you are due to fly out of ORD and want to know about what you can expect to find at the airport, read on to find out more.

Chicago O'Hare Airport Parking & Transportation

When it comes to travelling to, from and around Chicago O’Hare International Airport, passengers have multiple options. In terms of parking at O'Hare, there are several on-airport parking lots at O'Hare including economy, hourly and valet parking, as well as a specific lot for drivers who are picking up passengers from the airport. There are also O'Hare off-airport parking lots  available for passengers, complete with shuttle buses to take you to your final destination. You can find a comprehensive list off O'Hare off-airport parking choices by using the form at the top of this page. If you dont want to park at O'hare there is also an airport shuttle service that can take you to and from ORD. This service goes to locations in the greater Chicago area, including residential pick-up for passengers wishing to travel straight from their home to the airport. These can either be shared pick-ups or private hire shuttles depending on your travel needs and preferences. There are several major shuttle services that travellers can use for residential pick-ups, as well as separate hotel shuttles that take passengers from airport hotels to the airport itself. Outside all terminals at O’Hare airport are taxicabs, which are allocated on a first come first served basis. The taxis are operated by a variety of companies and you can also make use of a shared ride service or even a limousine service if you prefer. These travel to areas in the greater Chicago area. There are also public transportation options in the form of buses that can take you to and from the airport, and the Airport Transit System is an on-airport rail system that connects all of the major hubs – including the passenger terminals and parking facilities - at Chicago O’Hare International Airport and operates twenty four hours a day.

Chicago O'Hare Airport Hotels

As well as transportation that can take you to, from and around the airport, it is also important to consider the options in terms of airport hotels as many travellers choose to stay overnight prior to taking their flights. ParkSleepFly offer O'Hare Airport hotels with free parking and shuttle transportation. The hotels offer a variety of services and amenities, from dining options to swimming pools, meaning that travellers have a range of options to suit their needs.

Chicago O'Hare Airport Terminals

Chicago O’Hare has four passenger terminals, which are known as T1, T2, T3 and T5. At each terminal, you can find a variety of airport transportation. This includes taxis, limousines, buses and rental cars. There is also a Pedestrian Tunnel if you prefer to traverse the airport by walking and you will find the Bus/Shuttle Center on Level 1. Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are positioned in a semi-circle with parking in the middle and Terminal 5 is located a short distance from this with its own airport parking facilities. International flights leave from all terminals and domestic flights are available from Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Passengers needing to transfer between terminals can make use of the Airport Transit System. The terminals all feature a range of services for passengers to make use of while they are waiting for their flights. These include restaurants, stores selling a variety of goods, bars, a conference center, internet facilities and a health club.

The Chicago O'Hare Terminal Map can be seen to the right.

In Conclusion

Overall, as one of the busiest airports in the country, Chicago O’Hare International Airport has a good range of transportation, parking, hotels and other facilities to meet the needs of its passengers. The airport is set to expand even further by 2014 so its popularity and services seem set to continue to grow.