4200 Genesee Street, Buffalo, New York, 14225

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Data

Airport Code BUF Elevation 728 ft
Address 4200 Genesee Street Distance From Nearest City 5 mi
City Buffalo Latitude / Longitude 42.934738 / -78.731902
State New York Scheduled Annual Operations 75,803
Zipcode 14225 2010 Enplanements 2,601,091
Owner Niagara Frontier Tran Auth 2009 Enplanements 2,655,145
Phone Number (716) 630-6000 Increase or Decrease -2.0%

The Airport

Buffalo Niagara International Airport is considered to be the gateway to the Niagara Falls and is popular with people looking to see the great sights that surround the US/Canadian border. The airport is located in Cheektowaga, which is in New York State and is approximately nine miles away from the city of Buffalo. It is also within 100 miles of Toronto, Canada.  BUF offers a range of flights from a number of airlines; it deals with around 5.2 million passengers every year and has two runways. Its flights go to many US cities. The airport is also sometimes known by its initials – BNIA.

Buffalo Airport Parking

A lot of passengers drive to BUF. This means it helps to know about the airport parking options available to you, both on-site at BUF and off-site close to the airport. One option is to park at an on-site airport parking lot. Here, you will find choices including long term and short term parking, which you can choose depending on how long your trip will be. The parking is located close to the airport terminal and there are regular airport shuttles to take you from the lot to the terminal. There is also a cell phone lot where drivers who are picking up passengers from the airport are able to wait. If you prefer, you could alternatively choose to park in one of the secure off-site lots. There are several different off-site BUF parking options – many of them within a mile of the airport - and they offer choices such as long and short term parking. You can reserve your space online before you are due to fly, and this can often be a good way of saving money on your airport parking. Passengers can also make use of the lot-provided airport shuttle that will take them from the parking lot to the terminal.

Buffalo Airport Transportation

You might also want to know a bit about the different transportation options available at Buffalo Niagara International Airport. This can be useful if you are looking to explore the surrounding area or don’t want to drive to the airport. If you need to get around while you are actually at the airport, then there is a regular airport shuttle that takes passengers between the parking lots and the terminals. You could also choose to take an airport shuttle to and from the airport: there are a few different shuttle services for BNIA and you can arrange pick-ups from locations such as your home, hotel or office. You have the choice between shared-ride and private shuttles, depending on your needs and preferences. You could alternatively choose to hire a taxi to take you to your final destination. There are quite a few different taxi companies in the area, as well as limousine companies if you want to travel in style – these will need to be reserved before you travel. You could also go for a public transport option: there are several bus and train services that travel to the surrounding areas.

Buffalo Airport Hotels

If you would like to know more about the accommodation options available close to BUF, read on to find out more. Within 5 miles of the airport, there are more than 15 different airport hotels that offer a range of services for all travelers, so whether you are traveling for business or pleasure you are sure to find an airport hotel option to suit you. Most of the hotels near Buffalo Airport also offer airport shuttle services to take you from the hotel to the airport and back again – if you are catching a hotel shuttle from the airport, you can find these outside the baggage claim area.

Buffalo Airport Terminals

There is one passenger terminal at Buffalo Niagara International Airport. This has two levels, with the departures taking place on the upper level and arrivals on the lower level. You will find a range of services and amenities in the terminal, including charging adaptors and many different food and drink options, as well as passenger information. A Buffalo Airport terminal map is to the right.


BNIA is an airport located in a beautiful area and the good range of services and facilities on offer should be able to more than meet the needs of travelers who use the airport.