1 Harborside Dr, Boston, Massachusetts, 02128

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Data

Airport Code BOS Elevation 20 ft
Address 1 Harborside Dr Distance From Nearest City 1 mi
City Boston Latitude / Longitude 42.363051 / -71.025803
State Massachusetts Scheduled Annual Operations 208,494
Zipcode 02128 2010 Enplanements 11,711,684
Owner Mass Port Authority 2009 Enplanements 10,805,301
Phone Number (617) 428-2800 Increase or Decrease 8.4%

The Airport

Boston Logan International Airport has been named one of the easiest airports to get to in the whole of the United States. It is also the busiest airport in New England and is located only 5 minutes away from downtown Boston. Boston Logan International Airport is served by a variety of airlines, which include both domestic and international carriers. It also offers flights to lots of destinations in the United States as well as broad, and it also offers worldwide connections. BOS deals with upwards of 27.3 million passengers every year and it has a total of six runways.

Boston Logan Airport Parking

The two main parking categories available for Boston Logan International Airport are on-site parking and off-site parking. These offer a range of parking options that are sure to be useful for anyone who is planning to drive to BOS. If you choose to park in an off-site parking lot serving Boston Logan Airport, then you will be able to make use of the free airport shuttle bus to get from the parking lot to the terminal. There are off-site options located less than a mile from the airport, with more choices within 3 miles of BOS. You can choose from long or short term parking as well as other parking options, and parking off-site can often be a good way to save a significant amount on the cost of your airport parking. You can reserve your space online before you are due to fly. You could alternatively choose to park on-site at BOS. There are several options available here, too. For instance, there is a cell phone lot where drivers can wait for passengers they are picking up at the airport. You can also choose from hourly parking, economy parking and long term parking, depending on your needs. To get to your terminal, you can then either take the covered walkways from the central parking garage, or the airport shuttle from one of the other lots.

Boston Logan Airport Transportation 

Boston Logan International Airport provides several different choices when it comes to ground transportation services, which you can read about below. One option would be to rent a car. You can find car rental desks either in arrivals area of the terminals, or you can take a shuttle service to the Porter Street/Tomahawk Drive area as this is where some of the major car rental agencies are based. If you don’t want to rent a car then you might want to take a taxi to your destination. You could also use an airport shuttle service: quite a lot of people choose to take an airport shuttle to and from the airport as opposed to driving in. Particularly if you use a shared-ride shuttle, this can work out to be a cost effective measure. There are also shuttles available at BOS to take passengers around the airport, between the terminals and to other nearby locations such as the rail station. Several hotels in the area also offer an airport shuttle service. Alternatively, you could choose to use public transport. If you do this, you will find subway services, buses and a commuter boat service nearby. You can either find public transportation outside the airport terminals or take a shuttle to the relevant station.

Boston Logan Airport hotels

If you are planning to stay overnight either before or after your BOS flight then it will help to know what hotels are in the area. Within 4 miles of Boston Logan International Airport, you will find upwards of 15 Logan airport hotels, which offer a range of facilities. The level of choice means that you are sure to find the services you are looking for and several of the hotels also offer their own airport shuttle service to take passengers from the hotel to their terminal.

Boston Logan Airport Terminals 

There are currently 4 operational passenger terminals at Boston Logan Airport. These are known as Terminals A, B, C and E. If passengers wish to travel between them, they can take the free airport shuttle service. The terminals are arranged in a semi-circle with the central parking garage in the middle. The terminals offer a range of passenger amenities, including retail outlets, business services, internet, currency exchange, food and drink, and passenger information. You will find a Boston Airport terminal map to the right.

In Summary

Boston Logan International Airport is a busy airport which offers a large number of international flights to Europe, Africa, Japan and beyond. It is well served by manu major airlines and has a huge impact on the New England economy.