7062 Elm Road, Baltimore, Maryland, 21240

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Data

Airport Code BWI Elevation 146 ft
Address 7062 Elm Road Distance From Nearest City 9 mi
City Baltimore Latitude / Longitude 39.186942 / -76.675385
State Maryland Scheduled Annual Operations 200,178
Zipcode 21240 2010 Enplanements 10,591,768
Owner State Of Maryland 2009 Enplanements 10,129,015
Phone Number (410) 859-7100 Increase or Decrease 4.6%

The Airport

Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport is located in the state of Maryland. It is supposed to be one of the easiest airports to get to in the United States. Baltimore International Airport is around 10 miles from the actual city of Baltimore. It has four runways and deals with upwards of 21.9 million passengers every year. BWI deals with both domestic and international flights, and is served by a variety of different airlines. As well as flights within the US, it also offers flights to places such as the Caribbean, Canada and the UK.

Baltimore International Airport Parking

Baltimore/Washington International Airport offers a range of parking facilities for the many drivers who choose to drive to the airport before their flight. Passengers flying from BWI Airport have several options here and they can be split into two broad categories: on-airport parking (parking at BWI airport property) and off-site parking (parking at independently managed parking lots. In terms of parking at BWI airport itself, there are a few different choices available for passengers, depending on their car parking needs. There is an hourly parking garage for short stays as well as a daily parking garage, express parking and four long term lots. There is also a cell phone lot available for drivers to wait in when they are picking up passengers from the airport. There are also many off-site lots, often family ran, close to Baltimore/Washington International Airport, including some less than a mile away and a number of other within 3 miles of the airport. As well as a wide choice of parking options (including long and short term parking), passengers can also make use of the free airport shuttle service provided by almost all of the independent lot operators, which takes them from the parking lot to the terminal. Off airport parking for BWI can be a good way to save right at the start of your journey

Baltimore International Airport Transportation

If you are planning to leave your car at home, there are some other good ground transport options available at BWI for you to use. One option is to rent a car from the service available at the airport. You could also choose to hire a taxi from the airport. There are also good public transport options available from BWI. For instance, there are lots of trains running from nearby BWI Marshall Rail Station – you can get to this by taking the free airport shuttle service. There are also various buses available that can take you to a range of destinations. You could also make the choice to use a BWI airport shuttle to get to and from the airport. These can pick you up from a range of destinations in the Baltimore/Washington area and they can be very cost effective, particularly if you choose a shared-ride shuttle service. 

Baltimore International Airport Hotels

If you are thinking of staying overnight before or after your BWI flight, it will certainly help to know about your options when it comes to available accommodation near Baltimore International Airport. There is an excellent choice of BWI airport hotels. Within three miles of the airport you will find more than 15 airport hotels that offer a range of amenities and facilities, so finding appropriate accommodation shouldnt be difficult. Another good thing about hotels near the BWI catchment is that they almost all offer an airport shuttle service that will take you from the hotel to the terminal in time for your flight.

Baltimore International Airport Terminals

There is one main passenger terminal at BWI, known as the Main Terminal. This is split across two levels and you can also find several concourses, known as Concourses A through E. The terminal is shaped like a horseshoe and much of the airport’s parking is located in the center. You will find lots of facilities at Baltimore/Washington, including food and drink, retail outlets, duty free, transport information and more. A BWI terminal map can be found to the right.

In Summary

This is a very efficient airport with a good reputation. In 2010 BWI Airport was ranked best airport by size for its quality and service.