6000 North Terminal Parkway, Atlanta, Georgia, 30320

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Data

Airport Code ATL Elevation 1026 ft
Address 6000 North Terminal Parkway Distance From Nearest City 7 mi
City Atlanta Latitude / Longitude 33.640776 / -84.444326
State Georgia Scheduled Annual Operations 721,146
Zipcode 30320 2010 Enplanements 38,513,921
Owner City Of Atlanta 2009 Enplanements 37,826,570
Phone Number (404) 530-6600 Increase or Decrease 1.8%

The Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the biggest airport not just in the United States, but in the whole world. It is also the busiest airport in the world, making it a major hub of air travel. It serves both domestic and international locations, with international destinations making up about a third of its range of 200 non-stop flight destinations. As well as direct flights, it also deals with a phenomenal number of passengers taking connecting flights. Atlanta International Airport is located 7 miles from the business district of Atlanta, Georgia. It has five runways and every year, it deals with an estimated 89.3 million passengers.

Atlanta Airport Parking

When it comes to parking for ATL, passengers have many different options to choose from. These options fall into two broad categories: on-site and off-site parking. Off airport parking for ATL is a better bet for value conscious travelers. In terms of on-site parking for Atlanta Airport (parking at the airport itself), you can choose from options including hourly parking, daily parking, economy parking, reserved parking and park-ride lot parking. You can pre-pay for your parking and ATL has a new ticketless, automated system that you operate using your credit card. If you choose to park with an off-site parking vendor, then you can choose either long or short term parking, and the vast majority of vendors also offer a free shuttle bus to take you from the parking lot to the airport and back again on your return journey as aprt of their service. You can reserve your off-site ATL parking space online before you are due to fly, and this can often result in substantial monetary savings on the cost of parking at Hartsfield Jackson.

Atlanta Airport Transportation

The different airport transport options are also worth thinking about before you go to Atlanta International Airport. This includes transport options to take you to and from the airport as well as transport to get you around the airport itself. If you intend to leave your car at home, then one option is to use an airport shuttle service. The airport shuttles serving ATL can pick you up at your home, hotel, office or other location and take you to the airport. There are several shuttle options available. Probably the main one is to go for a shared-ride shuttle, which is the most cost effective solution. You can also choose to hire a private van for your party or even a sedan if there are just a couple of people traveling. When it comes to getting around while you’re actually at the airport there are again multiple options. One is to walk using the pathways in the underground Transportation Mall. Here, you will also find the Automated People Mover, which takes passengers between terminals. Also available is the ATL SkyTrain, which takes passengers between the terminals and the Rental Car Center. You can hire a rental car from the Center, or you can also hire a taxi or limo from the airport. There are also trains available and you can catch a Greyhound bus from the lower level of Terminal North.

Atlanta Airport Hotels

If you are thinking of staying near ATL overnight either before or after your flight then you will have many options when it comes to choosing an airport hotel. There are serious amounts of them available close by, so whatever your reason for travel you are sure to find a hotel to suite your needs. Within 2 miles of the airport, you will find more than 10 hotels that also include an airport shuttle service to take you to your terminal.

Atlanta Airport Terminals

Atlanta International Airport features multiple passenger terminals. They are known as the Main Terminal, North Terminal and South Terminal. A new terminal called Maynard Jackson is due to open in 2012. There are also several concourses, known as Concourse A through E, plus Concourse T. Typically, you will check in at either North or South Terminal and then board your plane from one of the concourses. Amenities such as restaurants and retail outlets can be found throughout the airport. An Atlanta Airport terminal map can be found to the right.


There are lots of facilities at ATL, as you would expect from the busiest airport in the world. It also continues to grow, so passengers can expect to find whatever they need whenever they travel through Atlanta International Airport.