How to Avoid Jet Lag with 9 Easy Tips

All I want to do is have some sleep…

1. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages or caffeine.


2. Stay hydrated.


3. To avoid having swollen feet, make sure to walk around and stretch every two or three hours. Also, make sure to wear closed toed shoes.


4. Make sure to catch some zzz’s on the plane. Sleeping will help you feel more fresh.  Pack a sweater or blanket to prevent yourself from being cold so you can actually sleep.


5. Book a flight that will get you to your destination in the morning.


6. If you arrive during the day, make sure to keep yourself awake until 9 or 10 PM. Don’t stay indoors, it will make you want to sleep.


7. Keep your napping to a minimum of two hours.


8. Use melatonin to help you sleep on the plane. One pill should be enough.


9. Book overnight flights with no stops. When I traveled from Turkey back to LA, I had a non stop flight and arrived in the morning. I was able to sleep and rest on the flight and when I got back home, I was able to stay awake until my bed time.


What are some ways you avoid jet lag? Let me know in the comments section below!

Nadia Zamani

Nadia is the content writer/travel blogger for and currently resides in Los Angeles. She has an undeniable love for traveling and tries to travel to a new place every couple of months. You can contact her at with any questions or blog requests.

  • Marie

    Ear Plug :)

    To get as close to your natural sleeping environment as possible!

  • Pamela

    One way to help with jet lag is to get a massage within 24 hrs of leaving and again when getting back home. It will help to reset your internal clock for quicker time zone adjustment:)

    • Nadia Zamani

      Thanks for the great advice, Pamela!