The Missing Malaysian Airplane

In the early morning hours of Saturday, March 8, Flight MH370 out of Kuala Lumpur taxied down the runway, headed for China. The flight should have been on the ground in Beijing around 6:30 a.m.

But the plane, carrying 227 people and 12 crewmembers, never arrived.

On March 24, 16 days after MH370 disappeared, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak issued a statement, which read, “It is with deep sadness and regret that I must inform you that, according to this new data, flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.”

Pack Like a Pro and Travel Lighter

Feeling overwhelmed after lugging your big suitcase out of the closet? We don’t envy you. We know that packing can be a pain.

No one wants to try to hoist an overloaded piece of luggage over every step and bump that the wheels won’t clear, or worse yet, pay fees for overweight baggage. So next time you’re packing, keep these tips handy and make the most of your suitcase space.

Save Big While Traveling for Business

Whether you’re a business traveling pro or a jet setting novice, there is a lot of planning involved. Of course, the idea of traveling often sounds glamorous, but it can take its toll on your budget. While companies will often reimburse for travel expenses, this isn’t always the case.

Why not make things easier on your bank account by using your travel smarts. With these useful budget-friendly tips, you’ll be an expert in how to handle your next business trip.

A Practical Pre-Travel Guide

Whether you’re a traveling aficionado or a first-timer, everyone can use a few extra pointers before packing their bags and heading out.

If you have a major trip on the horizon, this practical pre-travel guide — which can be marked off over the course of several months — can help get you ready gradually. That way, you won’t be making a mad rush in the final days before your trip, and you won’t risk overlooking something important.

5 Interesting Things I Can’t Travel Without

There are always some essential items everyone takes with them when they leave home, even if only for a few hours, such as cell phone, keys, and wallet/purse. When traveling and away from home for a longer period of time, the number of essential items can start to get a little interesting.

Here are some of my interesting (some not so interesting) must-have items whenever and wherever I travel:

  • Vitamin Water: I know it’s mostly sugar but I feel healthier! Especially when I’ll be stuffing my face with food when traveling.
  • Tablet: reading ebooks, web surfing, and angry birds. A must have for passing time.
  • First Aid Kit: I like to think I’m the least clumsy person alive but that’s just not true at all. Depending on your travel activities you may need this as well.
  • Picture of my pets: even though I have someone watching over my pets it’s nice to be reminded of them when I’m away.
  • Empty Bag/Water Bottlecall me strange but I love capturing air whenever I travel away from home – like my own souvenir.

I think everyone has their own interesting list of items/habits that they bring with them on their travels. It’s what makes our travels more personalized, unique, and memorable.

How about you? If you have something interesting then share it below, I’d love to hear about it!