How to make every flight a great flight

It’s no secret that flying can be stressful. Ask any frequent traveller to regale you with tales of their ‘flight from hell’ and you’ll be swamped under anecdotes about leg cramps, screaming babies, unfriendly security folk and expensive administrative errors. But while there’s not much you can really do about a loud child or obnoxious seatmate, most frequent flier problems can be sorted with nothing more complex than a little pre-planning. Fancy a relaxed journey to your next meeting or holiday destination? Follow these simple rules to make sure things run as smooth as possible:

Travel Solutions: Save On International Phone Charges

Staying in touch with friends and family while you travel abroad is a must, but international phone charges can easily cost you a bundle. A South Florida woman made the news in 2011 when she opened a $201,000 phone bill. It must have been a mistake, right?

Not so much. Her brothers, who had phones on her calling plan, ventured over the border to Canada. They texted and video streamed as normal, but the international roaming charges sent her bill sky high.

Don’t be a victim of phone bill sticker shock. With these tips, you can use your phone to call, text and surf while you globetrot, and avoid the post-trip cell phone remorse.

Hack Your Airfare to Asia: Taiwan Edition

Planning on visiting Asia and you are traveling on a budget? Check out this neat trick that anyone can do to fly to Asia and save money.

The Backstory: Asia is one of the most competitive markets for airlines. Every country has a large national player, you name it – Singapore Airlines, Air China, Korean Air, Thai Airways, EVA Air – and they all compete fiercely for the same routes. This cocktail is a bonanza for travellers looking to find a deal. Here, we teach you how.

What Are the Busiest Travel Days of the Year?

Thanksgiving and the year-end holiday are among the busiest times of year to take to the air and the roadways, ranking just behind a few days in the summer, according to National Public Radio. However, winter holiday travel can be even more hectic, with college students, families with children and elderly people all en route to the homes of family and friends through the worst weather of the year. Despite the fact that airlines actually have a better track record for on-time flights during the year-end holiday season, those flight delays that do occur may affect your holiday plans more seriously, causing you to miss out on some of the festivities of the season.

Celebrate with Double Points!

Airport Parking Rewards Double Points through 12/18We’ve got a lot to celebrate this year… A brand new look, new parking partners all over the US and Canada, and mostly, our fantastic customers who keep us growing and getting better every day!

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