Get Your Flu and Swine Flu Shot at LAX Airport Los Angeles California

Los Angeles, California travelers will be pleased to know they can get both their flu and swine flu shots at LAX airport. This is a great convenience as the airport has a clinic, Reliant Immediate Care Medical Group. The clinic is expected to have both vaccines in stock shortly. This is great news as flu season “officially” starts on October 1st.

When you choose off airport parking through, you’ll always have the time to stop to get your flu shot. Many travelers simply don’t have the time to stop. This is a source of great frustration, as they know they can’t get a cup of coffee or a daily newspaper. But now that they are unable to get a flu shot – it is even more frustrating! That’s why choosing the #1 travel time choice, off airport parking is so critical when you travel. Off airport parking through saves you both time and money. Choosing another method of transportation could mean you’ll miss your flu shot at the airport – and you might get the flu on your trip.

Off airport parking customers know they can count on to always be available to them. At our 24-hour website, you can find Customer Service available around the clock. When you wish to speak to someone they are available to you. For LAX and Los Angeles travelers this certainly makes travel a breeze!

As you travel from the LAX airport, choose from the following off airport parking facilities:

Hilton LAX

Air Park Roof Top Parking

Air Park Covered Parking

LAX Parking Center

Fox LAX Auto Park

Johnny Park Outdoor Parking

The Westin Los Angeles Airport

LAX Parking Center

Airport Center – LAX Airport Parking

LAX Parking Center

QuikPark Lax

LAX Marriott Hotel

Park Air Express

QuikPark Lax

Park Air Express

Johnny Park Indoor Parking


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